Willem Hoyng is partner of HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER. His practice primarily consists of litigating in the field of intellectual property law. He is admitted to the bar of Amsterdam and the specialist bar of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.


Het is a cofounder and former President of EPLAW, a former President of Dutch AIPPI, of VIEPA, of the IP Advisory Committee of the Dutch Bar and of the Government Advisory Committee on Patents. He is a member of the drafting committee of the Rules of Proceedings of the UPC.

Landmark ECJ decisions: Windsurfing vs. Commission, Loendersloot-Ballantines; Philips-Remington; Monsanto-Cefetra, Roche-Primus and Solvay-Honeywell.


Willem is professor of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Tilburg.


Recent publications

  1. Dreigt Zeist Vergrijsd?

    Hoyng, W. A. (1998). Dreigt Zeist Vergrijsd? Intellectuele eigendom & reclamerecht, 3, 3.
  2. Engels als procestaal

    Hoyng, W. A. (1998). Engels als procestaal. Intellectuele eigendom & reclamerecht, 4, 4.
  3. Artikel

    Hoyng, W. A., & Eijsvogels, F. W. E. (1997). Artikel. Managing Intellectual Property, (4), 24-27.
  4. European Community Trade Mark

    Hoyng, W. A. (1997). European Community Trade Mark. In M. Franzosi, & M. A. Baz (Eds.), European Community Trade Mark: Commentary to the European Community Regulations (pp. 273-280). Kluwer Law International.
  5. A Surprising Decision

    Hoyng, W. A. (1996). A Surprising Decision. Journal of The International Association for the Protection of the Industrial Property of Japan, 21(1), 26-36.

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