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As a researcher, I am interested in democratic innovation, citizen participation, public encounters and front line work in local government. My research focuses on how the work of local public servants is reshaped by the increased involvement of citizens and other stakeholders, and how these public servants make public participation work. I approach these themes from a qualitative, interpretive perspective and take an interest in interaction research. Therefore, my PhD research on the 'public servants' craftsmanship in the participation society' (Ambtelijk Vakmanschap in de Participatiemaatschappij) is conducted in the context of a learning network of six municipalities, AenO fonds, the Ministry of the Interior and VNG.

Themes: democratic innovation, citizen participation, coproduction, public servants, front line work, qualitative research 


Recent publications

  1. Ambitie & ambivalentie - Vernieuwing van de lokale democratie in Nede…

    Schaap, L., Blijleven, W., Hendriks, F., Jacobs, D., Karsten, N., van Ostaaijen, J., & Wagenaar, C. (2018). Ambitie & ambivalentie: Vernieuwing van de lokale democratie in Nederland.

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