dr.ing. Wynand Bodewes

dr.ing. Wynand Bodewes

Entrepreneurship educator

TiSEM: Tilburg School of Economics and Management
TiSEM: Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


I am a Senior lecturer of Entrepreneurship and teach introductory and advanced courses on Entrepreneurship. I am also the Academic Director of the Bachelor program Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation at Tilburg University. I have taught entrepreneurship across the globe and at all levels. I enjoy co-teaching with entrepreneurs and investors. Students describe me as passionate and demanding. University education can be transformational and really impact future careers. I started to import and retail Italian design furniture to show to my students that entrepreneurship can be enacted in a way that entails low risk, requires marginal commitment, while providing a return that most undergraduate students would regard as substantial.


I started my academic career at the Rotterdam School of Management where I obtained my Doctorate and subsequently started to teach strategic management and later switched to teaching (for) entrepreneurship. At RSM I co-founded the School's centre for entrepreneurship and was the academic director of the Netherlands' first 60 ECTS Master program focussed on high-impact entrepreneurship. After Rotterdam, I joined Maastricht University to help introduce, coordinate and teach entrepreneurship courses at all levels in most of that university's faculties/schools and in many the university's  degree programs. At the time I also taught at the KU Leuven (Belgium). I then moved to the Maastricht School of Management where I predominantly taught entrepreneurship courses to MBA students in the Netherlands and in Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Kazachstan, Peru, Suriname, China, Mongolia, Egypt, Hungary, and Vietnam. I enjoy educating future entrepreneurs and business innovators also 



I occasionally coach young and seasoned entrepreneurs, and speak regularly about innovative entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial innovation at seminars and workshops (e.g. for DSM Dyneema, ABN AMRO, Province of Limburg, Deloitte, ING, Athlon Carlease, Rotary International, Port of Rotterdam, RET, INNOTEK, Gemeente Maastricht, MetaalUnie, and Emergis). I acted as an academic advisor to PeakValue, a Rotterdam based venture growth catalyst. Wynand has a broad experience in moderating talks for audiences up to 1300 people. I have also participated in broadcasts of Business News Radio. For me, such engagements are an essential part of my professional life. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss possible collaborations.


  • Best Reviewer Award from the Entrepreneurship division of the Academy of Management (2018).
  • Received a grant from EIT Health for co-development for a MOOC on big data based entrepreneurial opportunities inhealthcare (2016).
  • Received a grant from EIT Health for introduction of a Venture Lab course at Maastricht University (2016).
  • SENZ Umbrellas case was selected by the 2011 EFMD Case Competition as the best teaching case on Entrepreneurship (2011).
  • Received a grant from the EU for the development of teaching cases (2010).
  • Received a grant from the Dutch Government for course development related to Entrepreneurship Education at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and coordinated the project (2001)
  • Supervised the MScBA Thesis of Shyam Marhe who won the VSB Strategy Award for the best Dutch master thesis in strategy (2000).
  • Outstanding Reviewer Awards from the Management Education and Development division of the Academy ofManagement (2000 & 1998)
  • Finalist in the INFORMS College on Organizations Best Dissertation Proposal Competition (1994)

Recent publications

  1. Ready to tack? The case of Jurofoon

    Poppe, G., & Bodewes, W. E. J. (2011). Ready to tack? The case of Jurofoon. European Case Clearing House.
  2. 1uptoys: Breaking Into The Global Toy Industry

    Smits, A., & Bodewes, W. E. J. (2011). 1uptoys: Breaking Into The Global Toy Industry. European Case Clearing House.
  3. Senz Umbrellas: Taking the world by storm

    Smits, A., & Bodewes, W. E. J. (2011). Senz Umbrellas: Taking the world by storm. European Case Clearing House.
  4. De Innovatieve Ondernemer

    de Jong, J., Bodewes, W. E. J., & Braaksma, R. (2009). De Innovatieve Ondernemer. EIM. https://docplayer.nl/1766472-Jeroen-de-jong-wynand-bodewes-ro-braaksma-de-innovatieve-ondernemer.html
  5. Explaining entrepreneurial intentions by means of the theory of plann…

    Van Gelderen, M., Brand, M., Van Praag, M., Bodewes, W., Poutsma, E., & Van Gils, A. (2008). Explaining entrepreneurial intentions by means of the theory of planned behaviour. Career Development International, 13(6), 538-559.

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