My name is Wendy van der Valk and I am an Endowed Professor of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management at Tilburg University, sponsored by the Dutch association for purchasing management Nevi. My remit includes stimulating research and teaching in the field of purchasing and supply management.

My research focuses on the effective governance of inter-organisational relationships in supply chains, with a specific focus on the functions of contracts and their interplay with relational governance mechanisms. Of particularly interest is the impact of contemporary transitions in business and society, such as digital transformation and circularity, on effective inter-organisational governance.

Within the master Supply Chain Management, I teach the compulsory course Sustainable Supply Management to over 200 students. I furthermore supervise multiple purchasing-related master theses and contribute to executive teaching programs, for example for Nevi. 


Recent publications

  1. Beyond the blockchain technology hype: When does it make sense to use…

    Butijn, B-J., Roehrich, J., Selviaridis, K., & van der Valk, W. (Accepted/In press). Beyond the blockchain technology hype: When does it make sense to use smart contracts? CMR Insights.
  2. Quality Investment Through Buyer-Direct Financing

    Jain, R., & van der Valk, W. (2023). Quality Investment Through Buyer-Direct Financing.
  3. Sourcing business services

    van der Valk, W., & Selviaridis, K. (2023). Sourcing business services. In F. Gallouj, C. Gallouj, M-C. Monnoyer, L. Rubalcaba, & M. Scheuer (Eds.), Elgar Encyclopedia of Services (pp. 201-204). (Elgar Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences). Edward Elgar.
  4. A Handbook for Advanced Service Contracts - From the offer developmen…

    West, S., Stoll, O., Alves, K., & van der Valk, W. (2023). A Handbook for Advanced Service Contracts: From the offer development to the governance of Advanced Services in dynamic emerging business. Institut für Innovation und Technologiemanagement, Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architektur.
  5. Jointly learning to develop contractual data clauses

    Aben, T., Akkermans, H., & van der Valk, W. (2022). Jointly learning to develop contractual data clauses. Abstract from Brilliance in resilience: operations and supply chain management’s role in achieving a sustainable future, Berlin, Germany.

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