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My research examines how corporate strategies, interfirm relationships, and knowledge-based assets affect each other and jointly affect firm performance. My papers have appeared in Administrative Science Quarterly, the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Management Science, the Journal of International Business Studies and Research Policy, among others. I am the recipient of multiple research awards, including the Best International Paper Award (now Dexter Award) from the Academy of Management, both the Haynes Prize for Best Paper and the Richard N. Farmer Best Dissertation Award (now Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Award) from the Academy of International Business, and several Best Paper / Best Student Paper awards from the Strategic Management Society and the Academy of Management.

I am also the recipient of Best Teacher and Best Course awards from New York University and Tilburg University.


I have taught courses in strategic management, international business, innovation management and research methods at the Bachelor, M.Sc., Full-Time through Executive MBA and Ph.D. levels.


Recent publications

  1. Using alliances to test core theories of strategic and international …

    Martin, X., & Park, N. K. (2019). Using alliances to test core theories of strategic and international management: The case of the resource-based view. In F. J. Contractor, & J. J. Reuer (Eds.), Frontiers of Alliance Research: Negotiating, Structuring and Governing Partnerships (pp. 83-97). New York: Cambridge University Press.
  2. Fishing in troubled waters?

    van den Oever, K., & Martin, X. (2018). Fishing in troubled waters? Strategic decision‐making and value creation and appropriation from partnerships between public organizations. Strategic Management Journal.
  3. Effects of functional focus on bounded momentum

    Park, N. K., Martin, X., Lee, J., & Mezias, J. M. (2018). Effects of functional focus on bounded momentum: Examining firm- and industry-level alliances. Strategic Organization, 16(2), 167-191.
  4. Complex strategic choices

    Wu, Z., Salomon, R., & Martin, X. (2017). Complex strategic choices: A new approach and Application to foreign firm agglomeration. Global Strategy Journal, 7(3), 286–311.
  5. When collaborative strategy turns into acquisition

    Stienstra, M., & Martin, X. (2017). When collaborative strategy turns into acquisition: Distinguishing and explaining partner acquisition versus joint venture buyout. In L. F. Mesquita, R. Ragozzino, & J. J. Reuer (Eds.), Collaborative Strategy: A Guide to Strategic Alliances (pp. 79-87). [chapter 9] Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

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