I am an enthusiastic researcher and educator. The main topics that I am interested in are emotions, honor, culture, stereotypes, and ambition.

Emotion: I have published on pride and social comparisons, and how pride expressions are dependent on the immediate social and cultural environment. I am continuing this work by looking into experiences of vicarious pride and the extent to which counter-factual thinking elicits pride.

Honor and honor-related violence: I have developed a theoretical framework to be able to understand the concepts of honor, honor cultures, and honor-related violence from a Western perspective. We also disseminate this knowledge to for example the Dutch Police.

Stereotypes: I have always been interested in stereotypes and how they impact perceptions and judgments. I have looked into cultural stereotypes and meta-stereotypes of different cultural groups.

I publish under the name Van Osch


I have taught courses on economic psychology, social psychology, cultural psychology, occupational health psychology, emotion and motivation, attitudes and communication, group skills, communication skills

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