Wie studeert aan Tilburg University wordt gevormd tot een kundige, zelfbewuste en betrokken academicu

Student Career Services

Do you already have a clear picture of your ideal career? Or do you still need to find the right path? Wherever you stand, Student Career Services is happy to help you along the way. We can help you with your transition to the labor market. We are there for you from the moment you embark on your studies, until one year after your graduation.

Career Portal

  • Are you a student or former student of Tilburg University and are you looking for an internshiptraineeshippart-time job or entry-level position?
  • Would you like to attend events that can help you find your way in the labor market?
  • Or do you want to get inspired by career-related articles, tips and tricks?

Then the Tilburg University Career Portal can open up a world of possibilities! We can help you get connected with the right companies.

Where do you currently stand in your process towards entering the labor market? 

Four phases can be distinguished: self-refelection, orientation, preparation and application.

For each phase we mention what is important, what you can do yourself and how we can help you

1. Self-reflection: what do I find important, what am I good at?
2. Orientation: what organizations and jobs will suit me?
3. Preparation: writing a good resume and finding job advertisements
4. Application: cover letters, job interviews, and assessments

Activities you can participate in

We offer various activities that can help you prepare for your transition to the labor market.

Workshops & Training
Career events
Consultation hours for job applicants
Individual coaching
Tilburg University Mentor Program