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Contact Student Career Services Officers

Do not hesitate to contact one of our Student Career Services Officers if you have a question.

When and how can I get help from a Career Services Officer?

This personalized form of career guidance is suitable if you have specific questions about your career-path.

  • Together with the Career Services Officer of your school, you can discuss your interests, identify your strengths and areas for attention, consider your opportunities and preferences, and what might be standing in your way.
  • Moreover, you can ask for advice and guidance in how to increase your chance of success in the labor market.

You can easily schedule a 30-minute appointment with your Career Services Officer via the appointment system in the Career Portal. For TST students you can e-mail

If you have other questions or doubts concerning the above mentioned topics, you can also email the Career Services Officer of your School. Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions for other career related topics and questions as well.

Frequently asked questions

I am looking into doing an internship, but I am not sure about what I want to do and what the possibilities are. How can Student Career Services help me?
I am am (nearly) graduated and looking for a starters function. How can Student Career Services help me?
I am applying for jobs and would like to get feedback on my CV and/or application letter. Who can help me?
I do not think that the training courses, workshops and consultation hours fit my question and I want to have a conversation with someone. With who and how should I make an appointment?
I am dealing with special personal circumstances that disturb my studies and my career orientation process and would like to talk to someone about this. Who should I go to?
I have a question about my study (program, progress, (elective) courses, planning, combining study and internship). Who should I go to?

Contact your Career Services Officer

When and how can I get help from a Career Coach?

Do you feel you need more help with questions such as who you are, what your qualities are and what you want in your future career?

If our workshops and training, the CV consultation hours or help from our Career Services Officers are not suitable in relation to your question, you can discuss this with the staff members of the Student Desk. They will look into your question to see whether it can be answered by individual guidance by the Career Coaches & Trainers of the Student Career Services.

Career Coaches & Trainers

Kristel van Oosterbosch, Tamar Jonkman and Annebeth Schudel.