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Change of address

It is important for Tilburg University to have your correct contact info. In this way, we can make sure university mail is delivered at the right address.

To make sure that your contact information is processed correctly, please choose one of the possibilities below:

Bachelor’s, pre-master’s or master’s student

Change your address via Studielink.

If you moved from one city to another, also change your address in the Municipal Basic Administration (GBA) at city hall in your new city of residence.

For more information, please see the Studielink website.

Post-master’s student

Post-master's students Accountancy can pass on their new contact information to

Language course, contract or minor course student

When you are a language course, contract or minor course student and wish to change your address, you can use the webform. After completion you can click the send button. Your address will be changed as soon as possible according the date of change.

* required

Important: in case you are a Bachelor's student and you enrolled via Studielink, your official address that is known at the City council will be considered as your mail address. In case you want a different mail address, please fill out the mail address information at Studielink via Changes of address information via the form below will not be processed.

You can change your mail address as follows:

1. Go to the page via and select. 2. Enter your new mail address and confirm it. 3. Your mail address is forwarded to the institution for higher education.

Please note: Do you receive a student grant? Then you must report your change of address separately to DUO. Visit to do this.


If you're an alumni and want to change your address. Please fill out the following web form, or send an email to