Een groep studenten in gesprek bij Tilburg University

How do I view my schedule?

The schedule of your program shows you when and where your lectures and tutorials are taught. The application we use for this is MyTimetable ( Your personal schedule is not automatically uploaded. You need to do so yourself. The instructions are set out below.

Choose which option applies:

I am a first-year Bachelor’s student

If you are a first-year Bachelor’s student, registration for courses will be done for you. At some Schools, this is done for the first semester/block only, at other Schools, you are automatically registered for all courses in your first academic year. You can check what regime applies at your School via the How to register for courses page. It is important to add your schedule in MyTimetable so you always have it on hand.

  • From your study program, you will receive the group number assigned to you for registration purposes.
  • Next, you log in to MyTimetable and select your study program and starting year. In the step where you need to select a group number, select the one that you received. 
  • For more detailed instructions, we refer to the Add timetable video.
I am a (pre-)Master’s student or have studied at Tilburg University for some time already

In that case you can compose your own schedule. You can do so as follows: Log in to MyTimetable and select your program and starting year. See the Add timetable instruction video.

  • You now see an overview of the compulsory courses of your study program. For every course, select the ZZ group code of the tutorial or practicum that you want to attend AND which also fits into your schedule.
    For some courses, you need to select the group belonging to a particular study program, for instance, 30J114-B-3 / Macroeconomics for IBA, ZZ/30J114-B-3/TUTORIAL/5. This is the tutorial for students of the International Business Administration (IBA) program. In OSIRIS, this is tutorial 5.
  • The number at the end of the ZZ group code in the schedule corresponds to the preferred group you should choose according to OSIRIS Student. 
  • After you have composed your schedule, you are ready to register for courses in OSIRIS. How you do this is explained on the webpage How to register for courses.

Instruction video on how to add your schedule

Go to MyTimetable

Please note: When you have added your schedule in MyTimetable, you are not yet registered for courses. You need to do so via OSIRIS Student. For more information, go to the web page How to register for courses.

Frequently Asked Questions about MyTimetable

What is the Course catalog and where can I find it?

In the Course catalog, you can find an overview of the courses in the curriculum of your study program. For every course, you can find information on the content, the lecturers teaching the course and the required materials. You can find the course catalog via OSIRIS Student under the Course catalog tab.

Where can I find the course schedule?

You can consult your schedule via MyTimetable.

Where can I find my personal schedule?

You can log in to MyTimetable (MTT) and select the courses for which you are registered. MTT will remember the selected courses and show your ‘personal schedule’. The courses you have ticked in MTT will also be shown in OSIRIS Student. However, this does not mean that you are registered for these courses.  

Timetable changes are processed immediately in all systems, including MTT and OSIRIS Student. 
Please note that you will not receive any notifications from the system when something changes

Am I registered for my courses if I have ticked them in MyTimetable?

No, this does not qualify as registration. You must register via OSIRIS. Under show my enrolments’ you can see exactly which courses you are registered for.

How do I keep up to date with timetable changes?

You are expected to check the timetable regularly yourself, for example, via OSIRIS Student. You will not receive any notifications from the system about timetable changes.

What do the colors in MyTimetable mean?

Under ‘Help’ in MyTimetable, you will find an extensive manual and Frequently Asked Questions.

When will the examination schedule be available?

The examination schedule will be published soon at Written Exams and midterms webpage.

What can I expect my classes to be like?

Please visit the webpage What can I expect my classes to be like? in our Quick guide for new students to learn about the difference between lectures and tutorials or what you should do if you are not able to attend a lecture.

What do the abbreviations and colors in MyTimetable mean?

Abbreviations and colors that you will come across in MyTimetable are:

  • HC (hoorcollege): Lecture  (dark blue)
  • HC Online (online hoorcollege): Online lecture (light blue)
  • LC (taalcursus): Language course (dark blue)
  • WC (werkcollege): Tutorial (red)
  • WC Online (online werkcollege): Online tutorial (orange)
  • LA (lab): Practicum (brown)
  • OV (overige): Other (purple)
  • BO (boeking): Booking (pink)
  • All starting with T1-, T2-, TD-, TM- of TT- (tentamens): Exams (black)