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How do I register for courses?

You have to register for courses and written exams via OSIRIS Student. Every registration is automatically forwarded from OSIRIS to the digital learning environment Canvas. Please note that the lecturer must have published the Canvas page first. This usually happens a few days before the start of the lectures.

Important dates

Courses in Block 4 will open for registration from the following dates. We advise you to register as quickly as possible to prevent that there is no room in the tutorial groups of your choice.

SchoolDate and time
Language Center--
Tilburg School of Catholic Theology--
Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral SciencesMarch 25 as of 16:00 hrs
Tilburg School of Economics and Management*March 26 as of 16:00 hrs
Tilburg Law School--
Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital SciencesJanuari 28 as of 16:00 hrs

Do you want to know what School offers your program? Check the overview of all Bachelor’s, pre-Master’s, and Master’s programs.

* Registration for TiSEM tutorial groups will start on April 8 at 16:00 hours.

Information for first-year Bachelor’s students

Are you a first-year Bachelor’s student? Registration for courses will be done for you. Whether it is the first block/semester only or the entire first year differs per School. Please check the overview below to find out. It is important to add your schedule to MyTimetable so you always have it on hand. You can find more information on how to do so at the How do I view my schedule page. Please remember that you still have to register yourself for written exams. Registration opens four weeks before the date of the exam.

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB)

First-year TSB students are registered for the first block only. From block 2, you need to register for courses yourself.

Tilburg Law School (TLS)

First-year TLS students are automatically registered for courses in their entire first year.

First-year students of the Joint Bachelor’s program of Data Science receive customized information about registering for courses.

Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM)

First-year TiSEM students are automatically registered for courses in their entire first year. 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD)

First-year TSHD students are automatically registered for courses in the first semester only. From the second semester, you need to register for courses yourself.

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology (TST)

First-year TST students are automatically registered for courses in the first semester only. From the second semester, you need to register for courses yourself.

Registering for courses

Registering for courses through OSIRIS 

For every course, you need to register for all instructional modes related to that course (lectures, tutorials, etc.). Take the following steps.

  • Log in to MyTimetable and select your program and starting year. See the instruction video Add timetable.
  • You can now see an overview of the compulsory courses of your program. For every course, you choose a so-called ZZ group code of a tutorial or practicum that you want to attend AND that fits your schedule. 
  • Watch this video for more information on selecting ZZ groups
  • Abbreviations and colors that you will come across in MyTimetable.
    • HC (hoorcollege): Lecture  (dark blue)
    • HC Online (online hoorcollege): Online lecture (light blue)
    • LC (taalcursus): Language course (dark blue)
    • WC (werkcollege): Tutorial (red)
    • WC Online (online werkcollege): Online tutorial (orange)
    • LA (lab): Practicum (brown)
    • OV (overige): Other (purple)
    • BO (boeking): Booking (pink)
    • All starting with T1-, T2-, TD-, TM- of TT- (tentamens): Exams (black)
  • For some courses, you need to choose the group of a particular study program, for instance, 30J114-B-3 / Macroeconomics for IBA, ZZ/30J114-B-3/TUTORIAL/5. This is the tutorial group for students of the Business Administration (IBA) program. In OSIRIS, this is tutorial group 5. 
  • The numbers at the end of the ZZ group code in the schedule corresponds to the preferred tutorial group that you need to select in OSIRIS Student. 
    Please note: Some TiSEM courses do not state a ZZ group code corresponding to the tutorial (WC). In that case, the registration for tutorials is arranged by the lecturer in Canvas. 
  • After you have chosen a schedule that suits you, you can register in OSIRIS. 

Watch the instruction video on how to register for courses

Some things to remember when registering

  • Once you have received your login details, you can register for courses and exams (even if your University enrollment is not yet entirely completed).
  • Before you register, check your schedule in MyTimetable (MTT), select the timetable that suits you best and remember the corresponding student set number*.
  • When you have selected your schedule in MTT, you are not yet registered for courses. Please always register via OSIRIS Student. 
  • Is a course already fully booked? In that case, select a different student set number* for that course in MyTimetable (MTT) and then register in OSIRIS Student. 
  • If you want to do a course again because you failed it in the past academic year, you need to register for this course again. 

*For an explanation of student set number, see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about registering for courses via OSIRIS

Can I register via OSIRIS Student and the OSIRIS Student App?

Yes. However, in the app you cannot see the information to find the tutorial group belonging to the student set. We therefore recommend that you register via the webversion of OSIRIS Student.

You can download the OSIRIS App in the Play Store or App Store. Search for 'OSIRIS Tilburg University'.

How do I register for a tutorial group?

When you register for a course that also contains a tutorial and is open for registration, you are able to choose the preferred group.

If you are registered for a course but have to register for the tutorial at a later moment, you follow the standard registration procedure by choosing the course and the preferred group only.

If you are registered for a course and tutorial, and want to change your group, you have to unregister for the course first and then register again. Please note: when you unregister for a course, also all exam registrations for that course will be deleted. You will have to register again for the exams. So don't do this one week before an exam, because exam registration will be closed and it  won't be possible to register for the exam.

What is a student set number?

A student set is a number (for instance, 2BE-01) that the schedulers use to compose a schedule for a group of students from a particular program. If you select the same student set number for every course, you will not have any overlapping compulsory and other courses. Selecting different student set numbers in MyTimetable will allow you to see the corresponding schedules so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

Every course within a student set has a ZZ group code. You need this code to register for the right tutorial or practicum in OSIRIS Student. An example of a ZZ group code is ZZ/30J105-B-6/TUTORIAL/5. This means that, in OSIRIS, you need to register for group 5 of the Tutorial of this course.  

How do I make sure that I register for courses that will not clash in my schedule?

The schedule has been made in such a way that compulsory courses within a program never overlap. Elective courses usually do not overlap either, but this cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore important that you select the same student set number for all courses in your program. And before you register for electives, check whether classes do not overlap with those of other courses.

What do I do if a course is fully booked?

In that case, select a different student set number for that course in MyTimetable and register for that. Registrations for tutorials are checked and if possible, extra groups will be created. So regularly check whether new tutorial groups have become available or whether the capacity of existing groups has been extended. If the lecture is full, we advice to attend the lecture anyway.

I want to register for courses of different Schools. Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. In the overview with the dates on which registration for courses starts, you can see when registration starts for the courses at other Schools. If you want to register in OSIRIS for a course taught at a different School, please remember to deselect the selection criterion Only from my regular programme'. You can then search for the course by typing in the name of the course, partly or in full, or the course code in the search bar. The same applies if you want to take courses at your School that are not part of your program. In MyTimetable, you can search for courses by means of the name or the course code. You do not need to select or deselect any filter options.

When I see my courses in my schedule (in MyTimetable or in OSIRIS Student), does that mean that I have registered for these courses?

Not necessarily. Registration takes place via OSIRIS. Under “overview of registrations,” you can see exactly which courses you are registered for.

Do I have to register separately for each course?

Yes. You choose for which instructional modes you want to register (such as lectures, tutorials, and practicums). Please note that you will have to register separately for the relevant written exams.

How do I record my major or minor in OSIRIS?

In many programs, a  specialization (major) is part of your curriculum. A minor is the part of your Bachelor’s program in which you are free to choose the courses you want to follow. The major-minor structure provides you with optimal flexibility in organizing your study program. You need to register for the major or minor you have chosen in OSIRIS Student. On the Major - Minor webpage, you can read how to do so.

I get an error message when I try to register for a course.

Please check your university e-mail. You will automatically receive an e-mail with more information about the reason for the rejection and what you can do.

When registering for a course, I get the message “This course module is not included in the fixed part of your exam program.”

This is a warning that the credits for this course will not automatically count towards your degree. You can ignore this message and still register.

Do I also need to register for Canvas?

No, if you are registered for a course in OSIRIS, the registration will automatically be passed on to the digital learning environment Canvas. Canvas will provide you with all the information you need while attending your classes, such as assignments and course materials. Lecturers will also publish messages via Canvas.

When does registration start for all Blocks/Semesters?

Registration dates  for Academic Year 2023/2024:


SchoolSM 1Block 1Block 2SM 2Block 3Block 4

Registration starts at these dates on 16:00 hrs.

* Registration starts at these dates on 11:00 hrs, more information on registering and deregistering for a Language Course