Students Tilburg University

Registration Master's program with a non-Dutch prior education

The information on this webpage applies to students who wish to apply for a Tilburg University Master's program on the basis of a diploma from a non-Dutch educational institution.

Please make sure you follow the correct procedure

  • Follow the steps below if you are applying with a diploma from a non-Dutch educational institution (including institutions in Belgium or the Netherlands Antilles) and:
    • are applying for a Tilburg University Master's program for the first time.
    • are rejoining the same Master's program after a break.
  • If you want to register on the basis of a diploma from a Dutch educational institution, you must follow the national application procedure.
  • If you want to continue your current Master's program in the upcoming academic year, you must follow the procedure for re-enrollment.

Follow the procedure for international applicants

Step 1: Prepare your application documents
Step 2: Register in Studielink
Step 3: Continue your application in our online application system
Step 4: Outcome of the admissions process
Step 5: Admitted, what's next?