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Enrollment in a Bachelor's program with a non-Dutch prior education

The information on this webpage applies to students who wish to apply for a Tilburg University Bachelor's program on the basis of a diploma from a non-Dutch educational institution.

Please make sure you follow the correct procedure

  • Follow the steps below if you are applying with a diploma from a non-Dutch educational institution (including institutions in Belgium or the Netherlands Antilles) and:
    • are applying for a Tilburg University Bachelor's program for the first time.
    • are rejoining the same Bachelor's program after a break.
  • If you want to register on the basis of a Dutch vwo or hbo-p diploma, you must follow the national application procedure.
  • If you want to continue your current Bachelor's program in the upcoming academic year, you must follow the procedure for re-enrollment.

Follow the procedure for international applicants

Step 1: Prepare your application documents
Step 2: Register in Studielink
Step 3: Continue your application in our online application system
Step 4: Outcome of the admissions process
Step 5: Admitted, what's next?


If you have enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor’s program, you might have to deal with ‘matching’. Matching means that the university will work with you to see whether the program you have chosen fits your abilities and aspirations. This can be done in a variety of ways, for example by means of an interview, a test, or a study activity (such as attending a lecture).

Tilburg University offers matching for all Bachelor’s programs, with the exception of those programs with a selection procedure.

If you are registered in Studielink for a program with matching, you will automatically receive an invitation to participate in a matching activity. See the matching webpage for further information.