Students Tilburg University

Digital authorization confirmed

You (or the person who is going to pay for you by means of direct debit authorization) have not yet entered your payment details in Studielink and have not met your payment obligation. The possibility to do so will be opened in Studielink from mid-June, which enables you to complete this to do item. Please note: Pre-Master's students who re-enroll in the same Pre-Master's program will not be able to confirm the digital direct debit authorization before September 1.

Action to be taken by student:

Log in to your Studielink account and enter your payment details. If someone else will pay for you via digital direct debit authorization, the third-party authorization should be issued via Studielink. If you or the person paying on your behalf does not have a SEPA* bank account, you can pay via personal remittance (transferring it to Tilburg University’s bank account).

Please state your name and student number in the payment notification and indicate in Studielink that you will arrange payment directly with the educational institution as you do not have a SEPA* bank account (your country of residence being a non-SEPA country). These payments will be processed in our administration from mid-June.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Desk.

*SEPA means Single Euro Payments Area. The Netherlands is a SEPA country. You can find an overview of all SEPA countries on the webpage Single Euro Payments Area