Students Tilburg University

Tuition/weighted fees transferred via personal remittance

You have indicated in Studielink that you will pay via personal remittance (transferring it to Tilburg University’s bank account), because you currently do not have a SEPA* bank account. After you selected this option in Studielink, you received an e-mail from Tilburg University about how to make your payment.

On the Rates Tuition Fees webpage you can find an indication of the amount of tuition and/or weighted fees you need to transfer to Tilburg University’s bank account.

Action to be taken by student:

Please transfer the full outstanding amount of tuition and/or weighted fees to the Tilburg University bank account using the information below. Please note that your bank may charge a fee for the transfer. Furthermore, please state your name and student number in the payment notification of your transfer.

Beneficiary: Tilburg University

IBAN number: NL11 ABNA 0482 0074 27

BIC swift Code: ABNANL2A

Reference: Name student + student number


ABN AMRO Bank N.V.  
ABN AMRO Daalsesingel 71
3511 SW Utrecht
The Netherlands

After you transfer the amount due, Tilburg University will process your payment after mid-June. This process can take up to two weeks. As soon as your payment has been fully processed, the To Do item ‘Tuition/weighted fees transferred via personal remittance’ will disappear from your to do list.

If you do have a SEPA* bank account, please log in to Studielink, change your choice of payment, enter you bank account details, and confirm your digital direct debit authorization.

If you have any questions or if you have not received the e-mail about the financial settlement, please contact the Student Desk.

*SEPA means Single Euro Payments Area. The Netherlands is a SEPA country. You can find an overview of all SEPA countries on the Single Euro Payments Area webpage.