Students Tilburg University

Statements (transcript of grades)

The Student Desk can provide you with various kinds of statements, such as an overview of the courses you have passed, your diploma and your transcripts of grades.

Statement overview

Student Track Record Tilburg University

This is an official list of all subjects, marks and credits which you achieved during your time at the university. This record would be created for (former) students who will start a foreign course and/or:

  • Have to prove they passed a subsidiary subject.
  • Quit their study without diploma.
  • Lost their official diploma and/or list of marks.

The Student Desk will distribute these records in Dutch as well in English, according to the European counting system. An English record with Dutch marks (6, 7, 8 etc.) is NOT possible.

Note: Tilburg University doesn't keep study results of most students who graduated in or before 1985!

Statement of graduation Tilburg University

A diploma and the associated official list of marks will be issued only once. If your graduation date is set in Osiris, you will automatically receive a Statement of Graduation by e-mail. This applies to the Bachelor's and Master's degree. If your graduation date is before 12 March 2020 and you would like to receive a Statement of Graduation, please contact the Student Desk.

Tilburg University provides no other documents than mentioned above! So, no statements about attendance or forms with all kinds of other questions and/or information.

Certified copy diploma / list of marks Tilburg University

When you are in possession of the official diploma and list of grades you can make the request at the Student Desk to provide certified copies of these documents (see also 'Requests and payments').

Tilburg University cannot provide a new diploma or list of marks or copies of it! So, you have to bring (or send) copies of the document or the original document.

New certificate Tilburg University

A certificate is handed out to students who have successfully completed a course within contract teaching. A student studying a regular program can not get a (partial) certificate. You can make a request to provide a new certificate, using the same procedure as a statement or certified copies. For information check Requests.

Frequently Asked Questions on Statements

How can I request a statement?

You will not automatically be sent a statement, you will have to apply for one yourself. There are various ways in which you can request a statement. Please visit the web page Statements Requests for more information.

Can I request a statement for somebody else?

Because of privacy reasons, Tilburg University NEVER provides information to other persons or organizations without a signed authorization of the concerning student. At the Student Desk you can get different kinds of statements.

I followed a course at another University. How can I get it on my grade list?

When you have obtained a course at another university, it is often possible to get that grade mentioned on your grade list. This is possible if you have received permission from the Examination Board to follow this course.

I want to request another statement / document. Is this possible?

Statements/documents other than those listed above cannot be provided.

If you are a student of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioural Sciences and you need a different statement than mentioned above, please contact the Student Desk.

I have a question on the legalization of my Dutch diploma abroad? Where to turn to?

You can find the necessary information about the legalization of your Dutch diploma on the DUO website