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General conditions University card

General Conditions for the use of the University card by Tilburg University card holders

1. Definitions


Any of the particular uses of a University card. By late August 2005, the University card applications are: the Lendomat in the library and the CardAccess3000 system operative in several Tilburg University buildings.

Application Provider

A party that provides, maintains, and/or supports an Application. The providers of the above-mentioned applications are DBI and DFB, respectively.

Special Application Conditions

The conditions that govern relations between an Application Provider and a Card Holder. To the extent that they are applicable, these conditions have been recorded in the general conditions of this Application Provider.

Help Desk

The University card Help Desk is located in room A 301 (student desk).

Card Holder

The natural person to whom the University card has been registered or the user of a Guest Card.

University card

A multi-functional plastic card registered to the name of a natural person, or, in the case of a guest card, provided to a guest of Tilburg University; this card can store and exchange information by way of one or several electronic information carriers embedded in the card.

2. Use of the University card

When not used as a guest card, the University card is strictly personal and is exclusively to be used by the Card Holder in whose name the University card has been issued. Uses of the card include carrying the card at any time in connection with its potential ID and access control functions.

3. Loss, theft, improper use, damage

3.1 In the event of (I) damage, (II) defect, (III) loss, (IV) theft, (V) confiscation, (VI) improper use or (VII) the suspicion of improper use of the University card, when not used as a guest card, the Card Holder should report this to the Help Desk immediately.

3.2 If such has been stipulated in the general conditions of the Application Provider, they must be informed immediately in the event of loss, theft, improper use, or suspicion of improper use of the University card. Having reported to the Help Desk does not relieve Card Holder of his or her obligation to report to the Application Provider, unless the Help Desk has explicitly specified in writing that a separate report to a particular Application Provider is not required.

3.3 The Card Holder assumes liability towards Tilburg University for the use of the University card, up to the point of a report in the sense of subsection 1.

3.4 Unless the Special Application Conditions stipulate otherwise, the University Holder assumes liability towards the individual Application Providers for the use of the University card, up to the point of a report in the sense of subsection 1.

4. Replacement University card

In the event of a report to the Help Desk as referred to in the first subsection of the previous Article, the Card Holder can apply for a replacement University card. The replacement University card is subject to a charge, unless its replacement is due to a defect in the card, and the Card Holder is not responsible for the occurrence of this defect. At present, there is a €10 charge for having one's University card replaced.

5. Returning the University card

When Tilburg University requests Card Holder to do so, the Card Holder must return the University card, when not used as a guest card, to the Help Desk within the term stipulated in the request. If no term is specified, there is a standard two-week returning term as of the date of the request.

6. Confiscation

6.1 Tilburg University is authorized to confiscate the University card or have it confiscated by an Application Provider in the event of loss, improper use, theft, transgression of the returning term as intended in the previous Article, or if there is any suspicion of improper use or theft having occurred.

6.2 Neither Tilburg University nor the party confiscating the University card at the request of Tilburg University accepts any liability towards the Card Holder for any damages or expenses that may be incurred by the Card Holder in consequence of confiscation.

6.3 After confiscation of a University card, Tilburg University is authorized to refuse to issue a replacement University card to the Card Holder or to issue to the Card Holder a replacement University card with reduced or adapted functions.

7. Personal particulars and privacy

The Card Holder declares himself or herself in agreement with the registration of his or her personal particulars by Tilburg University and the Application Providers for the benefit of the issue and management of the University cards and for the benefit of their uses as specified in the Applications.

8. Liability

8.1 Tilburg University will accept no liability toward the Card Holder for any damage either directly or indirectly ensuing from or arising in connection with the use, improper use, defect, loss, or lack of the University card or functions pertaining to it and any apparatus operated by it, except inasmuch as its liability stems from the law and cannot be excluded or limited.

8.2 Nor will Tilburg University accept liability for any Application Provider's failure in duties or unlawful act.

9. Property

9.1 Each University card remains the property of Tilburg University at all times.

9.2 The intellectual rights of ownership pertaining to the design of the chip incorporated into the University card and the way in which the University data have been encoded in the chip rest with Tilburg University.

10. Disputes

In the event of any dispute between Tilburg University and the Card Holder relating to the University card, before turning to the civil courts, parties will attempt to achieve settlement by way of the complaints procedures customary at Tilburg University and subsequently, if necessary, by way of an arbitration procedure to be agreed on.