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Certificate Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship

The Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship offers certificates to students who complete either the Minor Entrepreneurship or the Master’s track in Entrepreneurship.

Students who have successfully completed the three courses belonging to each respective track can apply for the certificate by mailing to

When you request the certificate we will need an official, signed copy of your grades list. This can be obtained via the Student Desk. An overview of your results in Canvas will not suffice. You can bring the official signed copy to our office, or attach it to your mail as a scan or a photo.

Once you have applied by mail and send us your grades list, we can create your certificate. We will inform you when your certificate is ready. You can choose to either pick it up at our office, or have it send to you by post. In the latter case, we will also need your postal address. You can mention this in your application mail.