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Overview of Master’s courses in entrepreneurship

Are you interested in entrepreneurship, but less keen on following the Master's track? Then you can also take individual courses in entrepreneurship instead. Perhaps you’re looking for a course which better suits your Master’s program. The list below shows  the available entrepreneurship courses at the Master level at Tilburg University. Have a look and see what suits you best.

Master’s courses in entrepreneurship
Course School ECTS Semester
Corporate Entrepreneurship TiSEM 6 2
Sustainable Entrepreneurship TiSEM 6 2
Strategy Implementation TiSEM 6 2
Entrepreneurial Finance TiSEM 6 2
Law, Entrepreneurship and Finance TLS 6 2
Organizing Strategy and Entrepreneurship TSB 6 1
Strategic Marketing Management TiSEM 6 2
Social Media Marketing TSH 6 2

* For the admission requirements of each subject, please see the study guide.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Being entrepreneurial within a company- that’s what this course is about. It advances your knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation by discussing the need for corporate entrepreneurship, the various forms in which it exists, its potential challenges and solutions in terms of implementation. Read more in Osiris.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

How do we solve the social and environmental problems of today? In this course we look at the roles of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in this. We integrate approaches such as Cradle-to-Cradle, B-Corp, CSR, eco-innovation and sustainable business models in our journey to understand how entrepreneurial businesses can play a role in creating a better world. For this course we ask you to write a case study about a sustainable business on the basis of desk research and interviews. Read more in Osiris.

Strategy Implementation

Without a good execution, strategy is useless. This course aims at identifying the requirements and conditions under which firms can successful implement their business strategy. In addition to the relevant theory, you will have the opportunity to practice aspects of strategy implementation in both group and individual assignments. The course includes interactive skills training sessions, both on and offline. Read more in Osiris.

Entrepreneurial Finance

In this course you will obtain an understanding of a wide variety of issues related to the financing of entrepreneurial firms. From both an academic and practical perspective. After you develop your own business plan in a small group, we organize a session where you present this plan and defend it in front of a panel of real life investors, in a Dragon’s Den setting! Read more in Osiris.

Law, Entrepreneurship and Finance

What challenges do founder-entrepreneurs face when pursuing their dream of building a global business? You will discover the answer during this course. You will learn how to decide where to locate  your startup, and how to make use of the emerging global ‘virtual’ innovation eco-system. The issue of investor readiness will also be examined, with the focus on building a stable and sustainable relationship between founder-entrepreneur and investor. The course also features international guest lecturers. Read more in Osiris.

Organizing Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Any organization seeking success has to adapt constantly, which requires overcoming internal barriers. This course will focus on the role of strategic leadership in managing this process, and on serious gaming as an instrument to do that.  In small teams of students you will work on cases that test your understanding of the literature and how they are applied in real-life situations. Read more in Osiris.

Strategic Marketing Management

To be successful, entrepreneurs need to offer some distinctive value that sets them apart from their competitors, in the customer’s view. This requires a carefully designed marketing strategy as the basis for decisions. In this course, you will learn to analyze company information form an appropriate marketing strategy and develop an implementation plan to execute that strategy. We will be using the Markstrat© game to practice and develop your decision-making skills. Read more in Osiris.

Social Media Marketing (BDM)

Companies are increasingly using social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Companies are increasingly using social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to reach and persuade people, and to build loyalty. However, these new social media differ from more traditional means of communication in many important respects. This course will focus on how companies can effectively use social media for promotional or marketing purposes. We will discuss recent scientific developments in this area and welcome some interesting guest speakers from the field. Read more in Osiris.