Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University

Tilburg University has already inspired many students and entrepreneurs, one of whom is former student Ruud Schippers, founder of JAMwerkt.nl. You can find out more about him in this video. Are you going to be the next person who gets inspired?

Master’s track in Entrepreneurship

The Master’s track in Entrepreneurship provides students with career enhancing insights into entrepreneurship in the context of existing innovative firms that need to innovate to survive and the new economy where sustainability is creating new business opportunities. It also looks at the challenges involved in taking good and clever ideas and actually implementing them in various settings.

Why this track?

The Master's track in Entrepreneurship combines stimulating, inspiring lectures and case studies with online and offline skills training sessions. Through in-depth analysis of theory and practical assignments students develop an entrepreneurial and opportunity alert mindset. After successful completion of the Master's track, you will receive a certificate ‘Master's track in Entrepreneurship’, offered by the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship, as proof of your knowledge and skills.

What and for whom?

The Master's track in Entrepreneurship consists of 3 courses and a set of skills training sessions. The program covers 18 ECTS and gives you the opportunity to write a thesis on entrepreneurship. The Mastertrack is offered entirely in English, and is open to all Tilburg University Master's students. If you are following a program other than Strategic Management, International Management or Supply Chain Management, please send your CV and a cover letter to tce@tilburguniversity.edu. We will quickly let you know if you can participate.


Corporate Entrepreneurship

Being entrepreneurial within a company- that’s what this course is about. It advances

your knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation by discussing the need for corporate entrepreneurship, the various forms in which it exists, its potential challenges and solutions in terms of implementation. Read more in the Study Guide.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

How do we solve the social and environmental problems of today? In this course we look at the roles of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in this. We integrate approaches such as Cradle-to-Cradle, B-Corp, CSR, eco-innovation and sustainable business models in our journey to understand how entrepreneurial businesses can play a role in creating a better world. For this course we ask you to write a case study about a sustainable business on the basis of desk research and interviews. Read more in the Study Guide.

Strategy Implementation   

Without a good execution, strategy is useless. This course aims at identifying the requirements and conditions under which firms can successful implement their business strategy. In addition to the relevant theory, you will have the opportunity to practice aspects of strategy implementation in both group and individual assignments. The course includes interactive skills training sessions, both on and offline. Read more in the Study Guide.

Train your skills

The Master’s track also contains web-based and practical skills training sessions, such as:

  • Scenario Thinking and Innovation
  • Case Writing Skills