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Jason Oleana, Dylan Mattijssen and Luuk van Hoogstraten - Genius Voice

Published: 26th September 2019 Last updated: 20th May 2020

On the 21st august 2017 the TOP week got under way. This is also the day on which the three founders of Genius Voice met each other for the first time. Our passion for voice technology sprung to life in the Deprez building in the summer of 2018. Voice user interface usage was (and still is) rapidly increasing in the United States. We asked ourselves whether this hype would spread to the Netherlands as well. After that first afternoon in the Deprez building we never stopped discussing voice technology and its possibilities. We are passionate about the new possibilities voice user interfaces create. It enables users to interact with the internet while multitasking. It also enables groups of people that have trouble with navigating on desktop computers and smartphones. Some examples are the visually impaired and the functionally illiterate.

Genius Voice

In October 2018 Genius Voice was founded to minimize friction between organisations and its customers by leveraging the benefits of voice technology. For years people have had to learn how to communicate with computers and smartphones. Now is the time for computers to learn how to communicate with humans. Genius Voice ‘teaches’ smart speakers, smartphones and cars how to do this. This minimizes friction, which creates benefits because voice communication is the most natural way for humans to communicate. Customer satisfaction will be higher as well as the knowledge organisations have on their customers.

Genius Voice is founded by Jason Oleana (Master Data Science Tilburg University), Dylan Mattijssen and Luuk van Hoogstraten (both Master Marketing Analytics Tilburg University). We are supported by Braventure, an organisation which helps us to achieve our dreams. Braventure helps with concept validation courses, combining study with enterprise activities and connects us to relevant companies.

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