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Families in Business (Dutch event)

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: Fysiek en Online

Inspiring powerful stories about the culture and dynamics within family businesses will be shared during this first interactive seminar in 2021. How are the mutual relationships and how is the division of roles between owners? How do they create and seize opportunities, even in times of crisis? Experts, inspirers and entrepreneurs from family businesses lift a tip of the veil of future plans and share the power of their story. Themes such as the succession process and generation transfer, unwritten roles and rules, meaningful vision of the future, decision-making authority and governance, as well as cooperation, are discussed.

The boss of a container company, he must be a man, right?


Chairman of the day: Jerre Maas 
‘Dare to share’  

Speaker: Kristel Groenenboom – Container Service Groenenboom  

At a very young age, Kristel was only 23, she took over the container company from her father. She now runs a multimillion-dollar company that repairs, builds and rebuilds containers. As International Business Woman of the Year she wrote the book 'May I speak to Mr Kristel'. Kristel inspires and passionately shares her experiences about female entrepreneurship, male prejudice, acquisitions and business succession.

Panel members: Ilse Ebbens: ConcorpBV – Autodrop 

'We continuously work on a professional team of owners; we invest in mutual cooperation and continue to learn.'

Bart KnaapenKnaapenGroep – Oldest family business in the Netherlands, founded in 1652  

'Family happiness is higher on the ladder than the success of the organization' 

When the measures of the intelligent lockdown were announced, Bart and his family were shocked. The low-contact policy does not suit a family business. The strength is in being together. Corona exposed resilience. A human connection had to be made with the employees in a creative way. Small; by going out on your own and handing out Easter favors. And big; by putting on a professional online bingo show. The collaboration took place with colleagues on the development of the 'contactless renovation' method. With this method, which is freely available to the entire industry, they renovate physically remotely, but still personally close by. To be proud of!

 Floris van Lieshout: Bakker Floor van Lieshout 


3.00 pm - Welcome to physical and online participants by Bianca Kemper  
3.15 pm - Kristel Groenenboom - About running a family business and female entrepreneurship  
4.00 pm - Break  
4.10 pm - Panel discussion with Ilse Ebbens | Bart Knaapen | Floris van Lieshout  
4:50 PM - Wrap up and Q&A with attendees and online participants  
5 PM - End 

Twenty-five physical places are available for this seminar, register quickly if you want to be there live. We follow the RIVM guidelines on location. If the physical places are full, you can still register and you can follow the seminar via a live stream.  


*Note that the event will be held in Dutch

This event is organized by Station88