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Masterclass The BrandScript: the story that delivers customers to brands (Dutch event)

Date: Time: 09:30 Location: Online

Today's world is full of distractions for consumers. There is plenty of supply, which means that there is a lot of noise in this world (in marketing terms we call this 'clutter'). There is an abundance of products, product features, messages, advertisements and media. In such a busy world, it is difficult to get attention for your brand. And even harder to hold on to it. Of course, each brand does it slightly differently from the other brand, but that is not so visible and tangible for consumers at the front. And that makes it difficult for consumers to choose - the amount of choice is overwhelming.

In a busy world, it is more important than ever for marketers to help customers choose in a world full of choices. Money simply follows attention. Companies with a clear brand and a sharp marketing message survive. How is that possible? They direct customers and help them choose in a realm of choices. How do you let customers choose your brand in a world full of supply and noise? For this, I developed The BrandScript: a strategy for brands to keep attention. We walk through elements such as identity, positioning, storytelling and formulating a marketing message. In this masterclass, you will learn to formulate a message that customers are eager to hear, do pay attention to and above all: what they want to choose and pay for. Activate the story that delivers your customers. 


*Note that the event will be held in Dutch

This event is organized by Fontys