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Tilburg University Challenge: Ideation Workshop

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: t.b.d.

It all starts with a vision. As an entrepreneur, you have a vision. You want to improve the world with your product or idea. You often do this from personal motives. You have experienced the problem yourself or know others who experience the problem and want to solve it for them. Your solution or approach may change along the way, but your vision and motivations for you and your team remain the same.

How to get a great idea for a startup, by Mark van de Pol

In this workshop you will work on this: what are your personal motives? From what vision do you want to improve the world? If you don’t have an idea yet, you will start working with ideation tools to develop a great idea based on these questions. If you already have an idea, you will further sharpen your vision based on trends and environmental factors.

You can also join the workshops if you don’t participate in the Tilburg University Challenge, or haven’t decided to participate yet. It’s open for everyone that wants to develop a great idea or wants to learn more about how to get an idea. Do you want to participate in the Challenge but do you want to join someone else with an idea? A find your team session is also provided during these workshops.

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