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Seduce your customer through sales from your heart (Dutch event)

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: Burgermeester Brokxlaan 12 and Online

We are organizing the first inspiration session of 2021 together with our partner Sparreo. With two nationally known Sales toppers Richard van Kray and Danielle de Jonge, we stimulate and inspire you about the theme of Sales.


Chairman of the day: Pedro van Helden, owner at Sparreo. 
‘From unconsciously good to consciously excellent entrepreneurship’. 

Richard van Kray – Sales from your hart: 
‘Sales is like a marriage, you don't ask on the first date: Do you want to marry me? '

Richard van Kray inspires with his personal story about how we look at customers, but certainly also at ourselves. Step out of your role and start communicating based on what drives you and gives you passion and pleasure! Models and techniques are wonderful tools, but everything starts with you as a person and entrepreneur. This also brings the concept of the customer back to where it should be, to people themselves. Systems and models, as well as learned behavior, should never be guided, but serve people at all times. Only then will your talent remain in the tent '. After his story, you will create more new customers with energy, new élan and top tools and with less energy! 

Daniëlle de Jonge – Seduce your client: 

'If you don't pay attention to your customers, someone else will.' 

Daniëlle de Jonge lets you experience how you can be distinctive in every phase of the sales process in an unexpected way, at unexpected moments and with an unexpected message. This way you attract new customers in a powerful way and you keep existing customers.

Make yourself irresistibly attractive for business

One size fits none. Especially when it comes to customer focus and commerce! Customers expect exclusive personal attention from the very earliest contact to the long-term relationship you have with each other. And the great thing is: the possibilities to give real attention are there for the taking, the art is to use them effectively and thoughtfully.  

It is an exciting time for you as an entrepreneur. A time with big, difficult challenges. But also a time that offers new opportunities for acquiring new customers.    

Subjects that will be covered during this inspiration session are:  

  • Insight into the levels of service: Customer-friendly - Customer-centric- Customer-oriented- Customer meaning  
  • Handles in the field of disobedient customer intelligence 
  • Exceeding customer expectations  
  • Getting fans and ambassadors, how do you do this? 
  • Staying top of mind with your customers through retina management  
  • The new reality is loyalty  

During this inspiration session, with a touch of humor and appealing examples, you will receive plenty of practical tips to apply immediately, so that you too will start selling more successfully.  


2.30 pm: Walk-in 
3.00 pm: Welcome by day chairman Pedro van Helden 
3.05 pm: Intro Station88 by Bianca Kemper 
3.10 pm: Richard van Kray - Sales from your heart 
3.40 pm: Danielle de Jonge - Seduce your customer 
4.10 pm: Diptych Richard and Daniëlle led by Pedro 
4:55 pm: Wrap up and closing 
5 pm: End

Due to the RIVM measures, the inspiration sessions are physically accessible to a maximum of 30 entrepreneurs. Health comes first, we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and monitor the 1.5 meters distance. 

By offering them online, the inspiration sessions are accessible to an unlimited number of entrepreneurs via livestream.  

Would you like to attend this inspiration session? Registration is free, but not without obligation. We count on your arrival when you register. 


*Note that this event will be held in Dutch

This event is organized by Station88