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Science: Economic Valorization / Science Venturing

In addition to education and research, valorization (creating impact from scientific knowledge) is the third core task of a university, and it manifests itself in various ways. One is economic valorization, also called science venturing, which involves turning scientific knowledge into commercially viable products, processes or services. 

By converting innovative knowledge and ideas into products, services and spin-offs (ventures), value is created for society, the market and the university. Scientists can be involved in this as either entrepreneurs or in other roles, and can rely on the help of Tilburg University Ventures. Various scenarios are possible, where a recurring factor is interaction and cooperation between social and other organizations, the business community and the university. 

The three case studies below show which variants are possible: a spin-off with an entrepreneurial scientist, and two collaborations with public and semi-public partners.

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Entrepreneurship and creating impact using scientific knowledge requires thorough preparation and a well-considered plan. A basic structure and a financing plan are often required to enable the utilization of knowledge. This can take the form of a website, software program or other resource. 

When validating opportunities, Tilburg University Ventures is pleased to help with market potential analysis, writing a business case, connecting relevant partners and launch customers, and with financing advice. 

In the event of a spin-off (venture or licensing model), Tilburg University Ventures also assists with the formal decision-making process at Tilburg University.

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