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Inspiring stories of fellow student entrepreneurs

Read inspiring stories about student entrepreneurs who were boosted by Tilburg University. They describe themselves, their business and their motivation. In the future it might be your story that prospective students read here!


    Kim van der Zande

    Kim van der Zande

    "If you see an opportunity, don't wait"

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  • Daan Schoofs from Duodeka

    Daan Schoofs


    "In my opinion, what a university does very well is to teach you to think in an abstract and methodical way. That is a very useful skill, especially when it comes to planning, strategy, and thinking ahead in your company. "

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  • Stijn Heijstee from GoRoadtrip

    Stijn Heijstee


    "In the first period we were strongly stimulated by Tilburg University. They pushed and motivated us. Now we have come so far that that is no longer necessary."

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  • Ruud Schippers from JAMwerkt

    Ruud Schippers


    "The network is useful when you need legal advice on general terms and conditions or help with publicity. Above all, they were a critical eye to keep our impulsiveness in check."

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  • Koen Lavrijssen from Mr. Winston

    Koen Lavrijssen

    Mr. Winston

    "It is very valuable if there is someone who accompanies you and who knows parties you can spar with or who can help shape your sales structure or financing." 

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  • Bas van der Werf from HalloLex

    Bas van der Werf


    "I talked to a kind of mentor, who guides me a little more, because I run into quite a few things. Sometimes it is really necessary. It is very nice to have a sounding board in the form of a person who sees things from a different perspective." 

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  • Erik de Bruijn from Ultimaker

    Erik de Bruijn


    "Since we are so deeply immersed in the technology side of things, we are happy to call on external experts to help us set up a proper distribution network and a solid overall structure for the company."

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  • Ruud Hoevenaar and Jaap van Eggelen from EZ Boekhouding

    Ruud Hoevenaar and Jaap van Eggelen

    EZ Boekhouding

    "The startupprogram of Tilburg University opened our eyes in approaching our target group: don’t just show people the product, but also invite them to try it out. Our acquisition has improved significantly."

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  • Jerre Maas from PresentersWall

    Jerre Maas


    "Pretty soon we got in touch with the startup program of Tilburg University. One thing that they did in particular, was keeping us motivated."

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  • Luuk van Hoogstraten, Jason Oleana and Dylan Mattijssen from GeniusVoice

    Luuk van Hoogstraten, Jason Oleana and Dylan Mattijssen


    "Market research is part of recognizing who the client’s customers are and what they want, but that often gives very 'basic' results. This is where Tilburg University helped us a lot. Now, we do a lot of qualitative research." 

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  • Remko ten Barge from NieuweStroom

    Remko ten Barge


    "We learned maybe fifty things in a year. That is an approach, which may cost a lot of money, but above all, the people who work on it also yield a lot of valuable experiences."

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  • Ruben Hoefnagels from Tandarts Today

    Ruben Hoefnagels

    Tandarts Today

    "Through Tilburg University I was able to do workshops as a starter and I was brought into contact with people who helped me forward when I wanted to know things. Finance, for example".

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  • Harmen van Heist from Rural Spark

    Harmen van Heist

    Rural Spark

    "From the Tilburg University startup program, we have close contacts with the Brabant 'ecosystem'. This is how we ended up with the Brabants Ontwikkelings Maatschappij and participated in the Investment Readiness Program (IRP).'' 

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  • Alexander van Eerden from Building Blocks

    Alexander van Eerden

    Building Blocks

    "A company of my own gave me the space to organize the work as I wanted it myself.”

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  • Sander Berendsen from SB Supply

    Sander Berendsen

    SB Supply

    "It's great that we can use the university's facilities. At the time, they helped us on our way, including housing. Thanks to them, we are now in a new, large building. We now have about 10 employees."

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  • Erik de Bruijn from Stekkerapp

    Erik de Bruijn

    "Stekkerapp has the intention to improve the world a little with the help of technology and to make people less dependent."

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