Entrepreneurial students at Tilburg University

Entrepreneurship for students

We believe that an entrepreneurial mindset is important for all our students. A focus on entrepreneurship will help you to become a pro-active, enterprising, and characterful thinker. Learn about entrepreneurship, go into business yourself, or get inspired and expand your network.

Follow education in entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurial mindset is key to anyone’s career, whether it is as an employee within a firm or as a business owner. We can help you grow this mindset within and outside of your curriculum. You have the possibility to follow a complete and dedicated entrepreneurship program or choose entrepreneurship courses within another program. Find a Bachelor's or Master's program, Minor or courses.

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Get support when going into business 

At our university we encourage entrepreneurship. That is why we are eager to support students and alumni who are engaged in business or want to get started. IQONIC is our center of entrepreneurship. The IQONIC incubator is a breeding ground for entrepreneurship. We can help you with: 

  • the combination of study and entrepreneurship
  • coaching by experienced business developers
  • network of entrepreneurs
  • mentors and specialists
  • housing and flexible workplaces
  • workshops, events and trainings
  • funding
  • startup deals

Lots of people consider starting their own business but budding entrepreneurs often have a lot of unanswered questions. Would you like to start a business, either on your own or with others? Or maybe you have already made a start, but are not sure about the best way to proceed? Find support to create value from your business or entrepreneurial idea.

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Tilburg University Challenge 2022

Winners Tilburg University Challenge for student entrepreneurship

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Join an entrepreneurship event

We organize various activities and events in the field of entrepreneurship. You can participate in workshops, talks, challenges and networking events. Meet other entrepreneurs, partners or specialists at one of our events.

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Inspiring stories of fellow student entrepreneurs

  • Ruud Hoevenaar and Jaap van Eggelen from EZ Boekhouding

    Ruud and Jaap

    EZ Boekhouding

    "The support from Tilburg University pried open our eyes in approaching our target group: don’t just show people the product, but also invite them to try it out. It may seem obvious, but somehow we were blind to it. The acquisition has improved significantly."

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  • Ruud Schippers from JAMwerkt



    "The network is useful when, for example, you need legal advice on general terms and conditions or help with publicity. Above all, they held up a mirror to us, a critical eye to keep our impulsiveness in check."

    Watch a short video about JAMwerkt

  • Koen Lavrijssen from Mr. Winston

    Wouter and Koen

    Mr. Winston

    "It is very valuable if there is someone who accompanies you and who knows parties you can spar with or who can help shape your sales structure or financing." 

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Meet fellow student entrepreneurs

Are you looking for your own business idea, and interested in hearing other people’s stories? Eager to find out how other (student) entrepreneurs are tackling the challenges, or interested in meeting people with the same interests as you? You can join the Academic Business Club (ABC), ASSET or Enactus.

  • This is interesting for every student who is interested in entrepreneurship or has the ambition to start their own business, during or after their studies.
  • Through these networks you come into contact with (student) entrepreneurs and you can be inspired by their vision, ideas and experiences.
Entrepreneurial students at Tilburg University

Expand your network

The Academic Business Club (ABC) is a network organization for starting and established student entrepreneurs. Join their activities, present yourself, network while enjoying a drink or visit that new spectacular startup!

More about the Academic Business Club (in Dutch)

Get personal support from our business developers

Every idea and every startup is different. Arrange a personal interview with our business developers to find out together what we can do for you.

  • Determine what resources you need: for your product, the market or your company
  • Gain access to a unique network of coaches and internal training courses
  • Join the network of startups in Brabant via IQONIC, with extensive experience in assisting budding entrepreneurs
Make an appointment with Karen or Dirk