Consultation hours for job applications

Student Career Services offers you consultation hours for application advice twice a week: the drop-in consultation for job applications.

Drop-in consultation for job applications

Your letter of application and CV are often the first thing a company sees. Based on this, you will or will not be invited for a job interview. An enthusiastic letter and a good CV thus are important. Do you want advice about your letter of application or CV? That's possible during the consultations hours for job applications!

Here are some of the typical questions we can also help you with:

  • What should I wear for the interview?
  • What questions should I ask during the interview?
  • What's the best way to communicate with the employer by phone?
  • Can you give me some tips for performing effectively during the interview?
  • Can you supply me with a list of websites with job vacancies?
  • What are some of the other ways to find a job or internship next to responding to ads?
  • What's the best way to analyze the text of a job advertisement?
  • How can I search for a suitable job vacancy?
  • Can you give me some feedback on my LinkedIn profile?


Every Monday and Thursday from 13:00 to 14:00 hrs there is a drop-in consultation at the Student Desk (A301, route 14). 

Participation and registration

Do not forget to bring a copy of the job advertisement with you if you want advice on your CV and letter of application.

You can register at the start of the hour by adding your name to the registration form. We work on a first come, fist serve principle. There is room for a maximum number of 6 students per office hour.

The registration form is located in the corner of the large table at the Student Desk. You will see the career coach in room A 304.

After registering, you can have seat at the large table and you will be called in order of registration. You do not have to take a number.