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Workshop Orientation on Master's choice

Are you a bachelor student doubting about which Master program to take? Whether you are having doubts about your choice or whether you would like to carefully consider it, this workshop will prepare and support you in choosing a Master program. We will look into personal qualities and ambitions and how to translate those towards a Master program that suits you.

What will you learn?

Upon completion of the workshop, you:

  • know the stages of decision making processes and you can indicate in which stage you are in
  • are able to determine which way of choosing you normally practice and you know the advantages and disadvantages of this style
  • know your values and interests
  • know your strengths and motivation
  • know what you still need in order to make a good choice
  • are aware of things which need extra consideration

Method of training

During the workshop, you will gain insight in the theory of making choices. You will also investigate your competencies and interests. Besides that, you will examine which criteria are important for you when choosing a program. This will be done through assignments; you will be actively involved!

After the workshop you will have the possibility for an personal interview with a career coach. During this interview, you will determine what steps you can take to get your study program and your career in the right direction. You can also discuss with the career coach what you need and want from a program, and how you can direct your efforts towards this. In sum, this interview will focus on what you need in order to make an informed choice, and show you how you can approach this process. In addition to providing information when needed, the career coach has a mainly supervisory role. The action you take is up to you!

Please contact the relevant department / organization for specific questions about registration or deregistration, student finance, and the contents of degree programs, since these matters are not dealt with during the workshop.

Workshop information
Target group Second and third year bachelor students
Duration 3 hours + an individual appointment with the coach. This appointment will be made after the workshop.
When? Tuesday 24 April from 9.30 - 12.30 hrs
Trainer Career coach
Number of participants Minimum 8, maximum 12
Costs € 18,00


You can register here. After sending the registration form, you will be notified as soon as possible about your registration.