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Committee Board Grants and Stimulation Fund

Student associations play an important role on and around the Tilburg University campus. For example, over 20 student sports clubs are affiliated with the Tilburg University Sport Center. Within all Schools, the study associations are a fixed point of contact for all students. Moreover, they organize many activities from which education benefits. There are associations active in employment and internship mediation and there are several cultural associations. The social associations are also a fixture in Tilburg. Finally, Tilburg students are very active in participation.

Together, these associations provide a wide range of activities organized for and by students. For the School Boards and the Executive Board, these associations are important discussion partners and co-organizers. Tilburg University attaches great value to the contribution these active students make during their study period by organizing all these activities and keeping all these associations and foundations alive.

Tilburg University has an extensive system of so-called board grants, which support board activities. This website describes what this system looks like as of the academic year 2020–2021.

In this system, a scan takes place once every three years based on which board grants are awarded for three years. In the academic year 2020-2021 those scans took place, and therefore the number of board grants which were rewarded in that academic year will also apply for the academic years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. Grants are awarded not only for work on the board of an association, but also for committee work (committee grants). The system also includes a Stimulation Fund and training for board members.

The Committee Board Grants and Stimulation Fund (hereinafter referred to as CBS) is responsible for the execution of these three components.

Committee Board Grants and Stimulation Fund (CBS)

The CBS consists of two Tilburg University employees and three student members. The Committee's task is to advise the Executive Board on the recognition of associations and the awarding of board and committee grants. Furthermore, the Committee advises on the allocation of grants from the Stimulation Fund and is responsible for organizing the training courses.

Task CBS

The CBS consists of three employees of Tilburg University and three student members. The committee :

  1. Advises the Executive Board on the recognition of associations and the awarding of board and committee grants.
  2. Advises on the granting of grants from the Stimulation Fund.
  3. Is responsible for the organization of the trainings (Skills Program). 

Board Grants and Committee Grants

Every university has a Profile Fund to support students who experience delays due to special circumstances. This also includes board activities. Under certain conditions, students can receive a board grant. One of the conditions is that the association is recognized by Tilburg University. 

Read more board grants and committee grants.

Stimulation Fund

As of this academic year, Tilburg University associations and organizations of students recognized by Tilburg University have the possibility to apply for a subsidy. Individual students or a group of students from Tilburg University can also apply for a subsidy from the Stimulation Fund. It is important that the activity for which the subsidy is requested has an innovative character. 

There are six grounds for granting a subsidy:

  1. One-off activities (e.g. organizing a Dutch championship).
  2. Collaboration
  3. Innovation
  4. Internationalization
  5. Sustainability
  6. Start-up of a new association and significant growth of an association

Examples of activities that are granted a subsidy are symposia about the elections in March 2021 or symposia about a relevant topic, such as sustainability, workshops during the well-being day and a big general career event. Initiatives that were granted a subsidy are a consultancy group for students to connect them with the work field, and an innovation committee that focuses on innovation, sustainability, and environmental awareness. 

Applications can be submitted from October 1, 2021 till May 1, 2022. You will receive a response to the application as soon as possible, at the latest within 8 weeks. You can submit the application using the established form. A budget will also have to be provided. Under the heading 'Application Procedures', you can find the formats you use for the application.

Skills Program

A year on the board means much more than just managing an association. During your board year, you also develop yourself to become a full board member. The importance of this development has been recognized during the revision of the board grant system, which has resulted in the implementation of a range of training courses to support the personal and professional development of you as a board member.

Read more about the skills program

Application Procedures

Board Grants and Committee Grants

  1. Scan form 
  2. Explanation form 3 year scan 

The filled in "scan form" has to be send to

Stimulation Fund

  1. Application Stimulation Fund 
  2. Explanation form Stimulation Fund

International Students and Board Membership

International students are also encouraged to become active as board members, qualify for board grants and training courses, and apply to the Stimulation Fund. To prepare yourself well for a board year, you can use the language vouchers for a course in English and/or Dutch. See: Language Center.

Would you like to know more about your visa and a possible exemption from the study progress requirement? Check the page Immigration information for current Non-EU students. Or contact the Dean of students.

More information

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  •  Anouk Keiren

    Anouk Keiren

    CBS student member
  • Gijs Schoenmakers

    Gijs Schoenmakers

    CBS student member
  • Annelotte Vroon

    Annelotte Vroon

    CBS student member
  • Sander de Been

    Sander de Been

    CBS advisory board member
  • Job Brouwers

    Job Brouwers

    CBS advisory board member