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Welcome to the overviewing page of the Committee of Board Grants and Stimulation Fund of Tilburg University.

This introduction page will provide information regarding the upcoming year 2020-2021. This year, the process will differ in comparison to the previous years, below you can read a summary of this process. New changes regarding the board grants website page will be communicated directly to the boards.

Student associations play an important role on and around the Tilburg University campus. For example, 22 student sports clubs are affiliated to the Sports Center. Within all Schools, the study associations are a single point of contact for all students. In addition, they organize many activities that benefit education. There are associations active in employment and internship mediation and there are several cultural associations. The student associations also constantly contribute to student life in Tilburg. Finally, Tilburg students are very active in student participation. Together, these associations provide a wide range of activities organized for and by students. These associations are important discussion partners and co-organizers for the School Boards and the Executive Board. Tilburg University attaches great value to the contribution these active students make during their study period by organizing all these activities and keeping all these associations and foundations alive.

Tilburg University is known with an extensive system of board grants to support board activities. This website describes how this system will function from the academic year 2020-2021 and on. In this system, associations will be scanned once in three years. This scan will allocate grants for these three years. Not only there is the possibility to receive board grants for board activities, but committees are also eligible for committee grants. This system not only includes the board grants, but the stimulation fund and skills program as well. The Committee Board Grants and Stimulation Fund (from now on CBS) is responsible for the execution of these three components.

Below, information for each component is provided. The finished website, with application procedures, is aired from October 2020.

Board grants and committee grants
Stimulation Fund
Skills program
Committee Board Grants and Stimulation Fund

If there are additional questions regarding these new components or the payment of board grants from the previous academic year, please do not hesitate to contact your committee member.