Bestuurlijk actief tijdens je studie

Skills program for students active on a board

A year on the board means much more than just managing an association. During your board year, you also develop yourself to become a full board member. The importance of this development has been recognized during the revision of the board grant system, which has resulted in the implementation of a skills program to support the personal and professional development of you as a board member.

The skills program is offered by Student Career Services and participation is free of charge.

In September, there will be a large Kick-off event in which attending a workshop on effective board membership will have the main focus, in addition to the meeting with the Executive Board. In this workshop the following topics play an important role:

  • Effective teams - how do they work?
  • How effective are we already as a board and in what areas can we still grow?
  • What is my own role within the board?
  • How can I strengthen my personal leadership?

Whereas in September the emphasis is mainly on training qualities for the development of the complete board and you as a member of it, at the beginning of the second semester the emphasis is on personal development. We offer you a wide range of workshops aiming at your own personal development. Examples are conflict management, personal branding & networking, time management, talent management, and presentation skills. In addition, there are optional individual coaching sessions available. So you can sign up for one of the workshops depending on your own development needs.

Throughout the year, there is the possibility to request an individual coaching session, in case you are interested.

Finally, at the end of the year, there will be a concluding event where you can reflect on your board year and the growth you have experienced. We will also look at how you can use the acquired competencies for future (labor market) activities.   

For the registration of the various activities, all board members of the associations receive a separate message. On the Canvas page, you can find all information and register.