Students Tilburg University

Program Committees Humanities and Digital Sciences

The program committees advise the Vice-Dean for Research, both when asked and on their own initiative, on policy, organizational, and substantive aspects of the various Bachelor’s and Master’s programs offered by the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. The committees are also involved in monitoring the quality of education.

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence


  • Afra Alishahi (chair)
  • Gonzalo Nápoles
  • Eleonora Dau (student member BSc)
  • Galina Valcheva (student member BSc)
  • Ethel Pruss (student member MSc)(vice-chair)
  • Anita Vrins (student member MSc)

Communication and Information Sciences


  • Loes Janssen (chair)
  • Sara Pabian
  • Jan de Wit
  • Emiel van Miltenburg
  • Nikki Curvers (student member BSc)
  • Milan Baars (student member BSc)(vice-chair)
  • Tim Hankart (student member MSc)
  • Julia van Maren (student member MSc)

Culture Studies


  • Sara van den Bossche (chair)
  • Mingyi Hou
  • Chris Andres (student member Ba)(vice-chair)
  • Jitske Verhagen (student member Ba)
  • Cecile Lourens (student member Ma)
  • Shakaya Janse (student member Ma)

Data Science and Society


  • Marijn van Wingerden (chair)
  • Leonie Vogelsmeier
  • Ekaterini Ioannou
  • Bibi van Loon (student member MSc)
  • Orhan Kiymaz (student member MSc)
  • Yanyee Chow (student member MSc)(vice-chair)

Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Tom Willems
  • Ellen Dreezens (chair)
  • Jan Hendrik Valgaeren
  • William Duke (student member Ba)(vice-chair)
  • David Ševčík (student member Ba)
  • Jens van Vugt (student member Ba)
  • Dario Crippa (student member Ba)



  • Willem van der Deijl
  • Hanne Jacobs (chair)
  • Mark Edelbloedt (student member Ba)(vice-chair)
  • Ties van Daal (student member Ba)
  • Bastiaan van den Noort (student member Ma)
  • Zuzana Tothova (student member Ma)

Research Master in Linguistics & Communication Sciences


  • Neil Cohn
  • Ad Backus
  • Nataliia Vdovychenko (student member MSc)(vice-chair)
  • Sari Pastoor (student member MSc)



  • Joop van der Kuip
  • Henri van den Hout
  • Ipek Bayrak (vice-chair)
  • Dennis te Boekhorst (student member TiSEM)
  • Roos Kooi (student member FIL)
  • Amber Bakker (student member TSB)
  • Iris Wijnands (student member NED)
  • Madelief Tresonie (student member NED)(chair)
  • Beau Penders (student member TiSEM)