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Committee Board Grants and Subsidies

In the academic year 2011/2012, the Tilburg University Council established the TiU Committee Board Grants and Subsidies (Grants Committee). This committee consists of one employee (an employee Student) and four student members, who function as consultants to the committee members. The Grants Committee follows the Tilburg University Committee Board Grants and Subsidies Regulations, determined on 16 April 2013 by the Executive Board.

In 2018-2019 the committee consists of

  • Carrie Grootaers (Policy advisor AS and Chair)
The student members function as the first contact. Division between Domains/Associations is as follows:

Karlijn van Laar

  • Domain Faculty Study Associations TSHD
  • Domain Culture
  • Domain Social Clubs
  • Domain Introduction
  • Domian Job and Internship Mediation

Sander de Been

  • Domain Faculty Study Associations TSB
  • Domain Internationalization

Job Brouwers

  • Domain Faculty Study Associations TiSEM
  • Domian Faculty Study Associations TLS
  • Domain Student Representation
  • Domain Studentsports

By means of the board grants, Tilburg University shows its appreciation to active students. By making grants available, the university has two main goals:

  • allowing students to develop themselves by gaining board experience
  • shaping the image and identity of Tilburg University by connecting to the slogan 'Understanding society'.