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Criteria allocation board grants

For each domain, the Tilburg University Committee Board Grants and Subsidies  has established criteria for the allocation of grants that are transparent, fair, and practical and serve as a guide. From 2013/2014 onward, a system applies with a fixed and a variable rating. In addition, on the basis of applications by associations, 1% grants and subsidies are awarded.

Fixed grants:

  • determined per domain
  • for continual board functions (at least: president, secretary and treasurer)
  • for functions officially recorded at the Chamber of Commerce; the people in these functions are the main contacts of the associations (names to be submitted to the Committee Board Grants and Subsidies) and bear final responsibility for applying for and dividing grants
  • associations themselves determine the division of grants among the number of persons (maximum of nine grants per person).

Variable grants:

  • for activities not covered by the fixed grants
  • has criteria (check list) to be assessed by the Committee Board Grants and Subsidies (set per domain)
  • has a point system (0-3) for which 1 point is max. 1 grant (it can also be less than 1 grant)
  • applies to activities that match the goals of the domains.

It is the Committee's intention to divide all grants. If there are grants left for a particular year, these are allocated to the other domains.

1% Innovation Fund and Subsidy:

The Committee Board Grants & Subsidies has (limited) resources to pay out “1% grants” (for innovative events) and subsidies.

  • Subsidies granted will be paid to the association as a guarantee subsidy.
  • The 1% grants awarded will be paid to the chairperson in addition to the board grants awarded.

Do you want to know more? Contact your contact person via the contact page.

Criteria per domain

For block 1 (Student Representation) the following criteria apply:

  • the elected position defines the grants
  • no additional criteria are set
  • grants are awarded automatically (for a full year in the position).

For the other blocks/domains, the set criteria can be downloaded via the page Downloads.

Do you want to apply for a 1% grant or subsidy?

Would you like to know more about applying for a 1% grant or subsidy? Then go to the  contact page and contact your contact person. This person can help you with submitting an application.