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Grant division

All Tilburg University study and student associations have been divided into domains. Per domain, a set number of grants for a set number of months has been made available. These numbers have been determined by the Executive Board. 22 grants (1% pre-acquisition) are reserved for innovative or single-occurrence activities in one of the domains and are added to the existing number of grants.

The Committee Board Grants and Subsidies (Grants Committee) determines the number of available grants awarded to each association. Finally, the board of the association determines how to further divide the available grants among its board members and other active members.

Division of grants per block/domain
Domain Available grants
Block 1 Student Representation 210
Block 2 School Study Associations 844
Block 3 Student sports 264 (25%)
Culture 105 (10%)
Social Clubs 370 (35%)
Internationalization 52 (5%)
Introduction 158 (15%)
Job and Internship Mediation 105 (10%)
Innovative innitiatives 22 (1% pre-acquisition)

For block 2 (domain 'School Study Associations') the available number of grants are proportionally divided according to the number of registered students:

Available grants faculty study associations
TiSEM 388
TLS 196
TSB 170
TSH and TST 90

The division of the number of grants per association is announced no later than 15 July.

For students in a participation board, the Executive Board has determined the number of grants available for each function, as presented below.

Student participation
Orgaan Faculteit Aantal maanden p.p.
Program committee TiSEM, TSB, TLS, TSHD, TST 1
School Council TiSEM, TSB, TLS, TSHD, TST 2
University Council Tilburg University 6

Membership information is supplied by the Education Desks; you do not have to apply for a grant yourself. See the application procedure from step 3 onwards.

For the functions for which only one grant is available, the participation grant is only paid out to the student member who has been on the board in question for a whole academic year. In case of multiple months/grants, payments are made in proportion to the term on the board.

Questions? Please contact your contact person via the contact page.