Broaden you horizon and find a job or internship abroad

Finding a job or internship abroad

Are you interested in working abroad? It can be a great experience that boosts your personal and professional development! You will improve your international and cultural skills and the experience will look great on your CV.

Some tips to get you started

If you want to arrange an international internship or job yourself, start your search in time. It can easily take six months to a year to find a suitable company, make contacts and arrange agreements.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Attend overseas job fairs: just google the phrases "overseas job fair" or "abroad job fair" and you willl find useful events. There you will be able to meet companies that are recruiting people to work in their foreign offices. You could even go through an interview on the spot.
  • Apply at Dutch companies with offices around the globe: rather than just applying straight through, for example a UK company, in the hope of moving to London. Some might be looking for people willing to travel and move abroad. 
  • Are you interested in working at big international agencies? They often provide world wide opportunities, such as United Nations Careers, European Union Institutes , and many others.  
  • Mediation agencies can help you arrange your internship abroad, but be aware that they charge a fee for their services. Take a good look at which internship mediation agency suits your needs and be critical about how they could help you. Some examples of agencies:

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CV formats in various countries

The format and writing style of the CV differ from country to country. It is, therefore, very important to do more research yourself when you are applying for an internship or job abroad. Get acquainted with the customs of the country’s labor market.

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