Soms is een assessment een onderdeel van de sollicitatieprocedure.

How do I prepare for an assessment?

While being in the race for your dream internship or job, you may find yourself at the stage in which you have to take an assessment. Exciting, challenging and maybe even your first time. Luckily, there is a lot of useful knowledge and preparation material out there to prepare yourself in the best possible way.

What can you do yourself?

Often when having to take an assessment within a hiring procedure, you cannot really study specific knowledge or learn anything by heart. However, there are some things that can help you perform at your best on the day of your assessment. 

Prepare yourself in the best possible way by asking the employer beforehand
  • What type of assessments will be used and what do they measure? 
  • What is the time available to complete the assessment(s)? 
  • Are calculators or other tools allowed while taking the assessment? 
Get acquainted with different types of assessments

After you have gathered all this information, conduct some research on the assessments that you will have to take. You can use the internet, a library, or ask someone in your network about the assessment. On 123Test you can find some free assessments that help you get warmed up and will prepare you for certain types of questions that you may encounter.

Objectives of assessments

Assessments are used by companies in selection procedures and to evaluate and coach employees. There are different objectives of an assessment.

Learn more about the objectives of assessments

The assessment type that is used most frequently is the selection assessment

Objectives of the various assessments:

Selection assessment

The goal of a selection assessment as part of a selection procedure is to predict a person's suitability for a position. By using assessments, an employer tries to figure out how someone would perform in a certain position. Using assessments ensures that the most suitable candidates for the job are selected.

Development assessment

A development assessment focuses more on developing and improving. This type of assessment is often used in internal selection procedures or shortly after someone started in a new position. In that case, the goal is to establish points for improvement to help the employee in their further development.

Career assessment

The goal of a career assessment is to advise the employee regarding career choices. For this assessment, the focus is on the job that, at this point, would be the suitable for the candidate and the changes and adjustments that have to be made to ensure optimal performance. In companies, career assessments are often used to better coach employees in their position and to put the right employees in the right spot.

Management assessment

The objectives of a management assessment are more focused on the qualities a good manager is supposed to possess. This type of assessment is often used in selection procedures for management positions and with internal applications for an executive position. The main objective of this assessment is showing leadership qualities. Points of interest include independence, the ability to delegate, and the way the candidate deals with resistance.

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