Tilburg University Career Week 2022

Five tips to prepare for career events

Do you want to have a good start to your career, too? Then make sure that you prepare well for the job market during your studies! Looking for an internship, a job on the side, or a real job involves a lot more than just finding vacancies online and sending your resume to potential employers. It requires some introspection, knowledge of the job market, and interview skills. Student Career Services has five important tips to help you find the internship and/or (side) job that suits you and to apply for it successfully.

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The path to a to a (new) career is different for everyone. What phase are you in? What steps do you still need to take? Click on the buttons above for advice from the Tilburg University career advisors!

Tip 1 – Start in time: know who you are, want you want, and what you have to offer

Do not wait until the Master’s phase or even until after you have graduated, but start thinking about your future career now. Begin self-reflection and orientation early on in your studies so that you know what you want and what you have to offer. When you know that, you can make choices within your curriculum that line up with what you want to achieve. In this phase, it is important to develop other skills as well. You can do so, for instance, by being actively involved in an association, working a side job, or doing an internship or by volunteering.

Tip 2 – Orientation and networking

The catchphrase “it's not what you know but who you know” is only half true: a good education and the right skills are essential, but internships and jobs are mostly found through your network. So connect and start building your network during your studies. It will ultimately help you land an internship or job.

Going to career events is an excellent opportunity to expand your network. You come into contact with recruiters and employees of various organizations. In addition, it will help you discover what organizations are interesting for you and you can form a better picture of the job options and what it is that employers are looking for.

Tip 3 – Make use of the alumni network

In addition to visiting career fairs, you can also find out a lot by having informative interviews with professionals from organizations or business areas where you would like to work. Tilburg University’s alumni network and mentor program may be helpful to you. Through these avenues, you can ask alumni questions to get a better picture of your options in the job market. This will help you learn more about how to start your career after graduation, what choices are important, what the daily work entails, and what an employer expects from a young professional.

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Tip 4 – Distribute a professional resume and LinkedIn profile

Your resume and LinkedIn profile is the first impression you make on a company, so make sure that it is a good one! You want them to be so impressed that they will immediately think: ‘This is a candidate we want to invite for an interview!’ It is important that you have a distinctive and professional resume and LinkedIn profile, as regards both content and presentation. So make use of all the services on offer to help you draft a professional resume and LinkedIn profile and ask for feedback from the Career Services Officer of your School and from recruiters, alumni, and other professionals.

Tip 5 – Prepare well for an interview

Research the employer so you know what services or products they offer and what the latest developments are. Google and read the LinkedIn profile of your interview partner. Prepare a good elevator pitch to present the best in you and your ambitions and make a very strong first impression. Research common interview questions, formulate answers to these questions, and practice those answers before you go to an interview. Also prepare two or three practical examples based on the STARR interview response method. This means that, based on an example or experience, you can explain in detail what skills and competences you have. Do you want to practice? Please make an appointment with the Career Services Officer of your School for a mock interview.

Kick-start your career during the Tilburg University Career Week

Have you not yet started your preparations for the job market? Each year we organize the Tilburg University Career Week. This Week offers you an excellent opportunity to get information, to do some networking, and to practice your interview skills. And who knows you may meet your future employer.

Career Week

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