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The Fit For The Future Career Program: TLS prepares you for the labor market

Tilburg Law School believes it is important that you, as a student, are able to prepare yourself optimally for your future career. This career already starts during your studies, in which you will make choices such as a minor, electives, an exchange or a suitable master's degree. Gaining practical experience, building a network and developing your professional skills will also help you on your way to becoming the Tilburg-shaped professional you want to be.

To facilitate this, we provide insights into how you can work on your own development during your studies and prepare for the labor market. Tilburg Law School offers the specific career program Fit for the Future. This is in addition to the support that Student Career Services offers to all students, and the support from the school on study progress (Study Smart). We put everything together on this page for you. Get inspired and get to work!

Career Calendar

Curious about all the career related activities that will be organized for you in the second semester of 2023-2024?

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Background of the Tilburg-shaped professional

Fit for the Future helps develop students into T-shaped professionals. What does that actually entail?

Tilburg Educational Profile 


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