Tell future students more about what it's like to study at Tilburg University

Apply for the role of a Student Recruiter / Event Crew member

Would you like to inform potential students about your study program and the university, while earning some money? Sign up to become a Student Recruiter or an Event Crew member and become the face of the university during events like the Bachelor's or Master's Open days, webinars or fairs.

The Student Crew is divided into three groups of students, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. 

  1. (Inter)national Student Recruiter. You will be given an extensive training and will therefore have a lot of expertise, tasks and responsibilities. You will help out throughout the year and will receive a monthly salary for the hours you worked.
  2. Bachelor Event Crew. You will help throughout the year during big events, such as Open days or other events that take place on campus and/or online. You will receive payment in the form of vvv-vouchers for the hours you worked.
  3. Master's Open days Student Crew. You will only help during the Master's Open days in the spring and fall seasons. You will receive payment in the form of vvv-vouchers for the hours you worked.

We are still looking for students from specific study programs who can support us in the coming academic year. 

  • BSc. Economics
  • BSc. Human Resource Studies: People Management
  • BSc. International Business Administration
  • BSc. International Sociology
  • BSc. Psychology

(Inter)national Student Recruiter

The (inter)national Student Recruiters' community consists of a group of around 40 enthusiastic students from different programs at Tilburg University. They help during study choice activities aimed at informing students from secondary school about the university. They give presentations about their own study program and support the Events team during events such as Open days and online Q&A's. 

As a Student Recruiter, you will have a varied job and you will be expected to engage with future students as well as teachers. You are expected to have an international mindset and presentation skills. 

Apply for the role of an International Student Recruiter

Bachelor Event Crew

If you are not looking for a structural side job, but you would like to help future students find a study program, maybe the Event Crew is a good fit! This is on a more voluntary basis and you will only work during events. You will be paid in vvv-vouchers, based on the amount of hours you worked. You will help the Marketing & Recruitment department during (online) events. 

The Bachelor Event Crew is a diverse group of Bachelor's students from Tilburg University who work during events on campus or online. This job might be for you if you are enthusiastic about your study program and have good social skills. The Bachelor Event Crew is responsible for a variety of tasks, from answering questions from future students, to organizational tasks.

Sign up for the Bachelor Event Crew

Master Open Days Student Crew

The Master Crew is a diverse group of Master's students from Tilburg University who work exclusively during the Master's Open days. The Master's Open day will take place on March 18.

If you want to help out during the Master's Open day, please contact us by sending an email to