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To be fully prepared for entering the labor market, it is important that you understand your own strengths and preferences. Taking part in the workshops and online courses offered by Student Career Services will give you a better insight into yourself and help you prepare for your future career.

Online courses Career Academy

With our online Career Academy you can work independently and in your own time on your labor market skills through different online learning courses, based on your own wishes and needs. ​

The Career Academy consists of five independent online courses: 

In case you have followed and passed all the five courses, you are rewarded with an Edubadge. In case you would like to receive it or looking for more information, please contact Student Career Services

  • Know Yourself ​The search for a career that suits you and that allows you to get the best out of yourself starts with a few challenging questions: Who am I? What am I good at?  What do I really care about? The answers to these questions lie at the basis of all the choices you’ll make in your future career. If you have these answers, you can translate them into positions and employers that suit you for internships and starter positions. They also help you to present yourself well in your CV, application letter and during a job interview. At the end of this course, you will have the answers to these questions.
  • Orientation​ In this course you will discover and have a closer look at options and choices in the labor market. We distinguish different industries, types of organizations and jobs to give you a better understanding of the choices. By reflecting on your preferences and interests, you will end up with a short list of options and a complete personal profile to support you in entering the labor market. 
  • Professional CV At the end of this course, you have a professional CV that will increase your chance of getting invited to a job interview in the Netherlands.
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile ​ At the end of this course, you have a professional LinkedIn profile that you can use effectively to build and engage with your professional network.
  • Elevator Pitch Elevator pitches are used in networking, but they are also very useful in job interviews when you are being asked to tell something about yourself. This course's goal is for you to gain knowledge about what a good elevator pitch consists of. At the end of this course, you have a professional elevator pitch for making a stunning first impression.

Workshops Student Career Services

Discover who you are, what you are good at, and what you really want, and improve your job application skills:

  • Our workshops and training courses are practical and interactive. You will receive a great deal of personal guidance, and there is plenty of time to work on your own personal questions.
  • Are you already graduated and looking for the right job? Student Career Services offers support with your transition to the labor market up to one year after you have completed your studies.

Upcoming workshops:

 (exact date coming soon) Masterclass Applying with ChatGPT (EN)
 (exact date coming soon) Unlock Success: Master Your Assessment with Expert Preparation! (LTP) (EN) 
2024 (exact date coming soon) Looking for Purpose - two parts! (EN) 
2024 (exact date coming soon) Empower your potential: Elevate your personal effectiveness today! (EN) 
2024 (exact date coming soon)Boost your resilience - From study to work (EN)
 (exact date coming soon)Introverted student
 This workshop will be given in English on demand. Workshop Reorientation on Study Program  
 This workshop will be given in English on demand. Workshop Orientation on Master's choice

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