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Workshop Orientation on Master's choice

If you are a Bachelor’s student and you want to choose a Master’s program, but you are not sure about which one, this is the workshop for you. It will help you prepare to choose a new study program and provide you with the support you need. You will look at your personal qualities and ambitions, and how this can help you choose the right Master’s program for you.

What will you learn?

After you have completed the workshop: 

  • You will know the stages of the decision-making process and which stage you are currently in.
  • You will know what kind of decision-maker you are, and the associated pros, cons and pitfalls.
  • You will know what is important to you and what interests you.
  • You will know your strengths and motivations.
  • You will know what you need to choose the right Master’s.
  • You will know what you need to bear in mind.


During the workshop you will learn about decision-making processes and different styles of decision-making. You will identify and explore your skills and interests. You will also look at which criteria are important to you in a study program. You will work on assignments designed to give you better insight into what might suit you best.

You will conclude the workshop with an individual meeting with your Career Coach. At this meeting, we will also discuss what else you need to make the right decision and how to go about this. The Career Coach will guide the process and provide you with plenty of information. Of course, you will make the final decision yourself.

For specific questions regarding registration (and deregistration), student grants and the content of study programs, we refer you to the relevant organizations. These subjects are not discussed at the workshop.

Workshop information

Target groupSecond and third year bachelor students
Duration3 hours + an individual follow-up meeting. You can make an appointment for the individual follow-up meeting after the workshop.

On demand (English)

February 22, 2024, from 13:30 - 16:30 hrs (Dutch)

Number of participantsAt least 8, no more than 12
TrainerCareer Coach & Trainer


Register for the workshop Orientation on Master's choice

After sending the registration form, you will be notified as soon as possible about your registration. When we receive eight registrations, we will schedule a course. 

Are you interested in the training but unavailable on the scheduled dates? Please express your interest via email. You can send an email to: