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Driving forces take us on the ENGAGE.EU journey

Published: 08th June 2022 Last updated: 08th June 2022

As the ENGAGE.EU alliance has moved from planning to execution there is a lot to tell. Tilburg University Magazine interviewed a number of committed driving forces who share their enthusiasm and provide an insight look at the program for the coming period.

Boudewijn Haverkort explains that “We can offer our students a better, more comprehensive studying experience. For our researchers, it offers new perspectives in their research if they can collaborate with academics from other countries and cultures and exchange knowledge with them. For professionals, it means opportunities to broaden and deepen their knowledge.” Guido van Leerzem adds: “In ENGAGE.EU we develop and test new forms of collaboration to make it easier for students and staff to exchange.” What that actually means for students is explained by Joerg Raab: “In July, LUISS in Rome is the first university to organize an ENGAGE.EU Summer School, on the theme of ‘The Digitalization of Society’. Starting the next academic year, ten more modules will become available: six at a Master’s level and four at a Bachelor’s level.”

Marieke Schoots leads the societal outreach of ENGAGE.EU: “We have created different labs in which education, science, and society come together to collaborate on different social issues. In the context of the ENGAGE.EU labs, we are developing various activities, including the ENGAGE.EU Expeditions. The first is planned in Tilburg, from July 10 to 15.”

James Small, closely involved in building new ENGAGE.EU networks for researchers around societal challenge themes: “We are giving shape to a new, innovative form of collaboration that is relevant for the researchers of all partners. With ENGAGE.EU, we are building a future of international
research and it is great to be part of that.”

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