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Two students about their experience with the Outreaching program

Published: 10th June 2021 Last updated: 22nd August 2022

Psychology student Flavia applied for our Outreaching program because she wanted a change. The Outreaching program has brought her exactly that. Public Governance student Zainab joined the program because it revolves around leadership, collaborative interactions and social entrepreneurship.

"I was eager to challenge myself and to work together with others to contribute to society. I not only wanted to do something different, I wanted to make a difference!" – Flavia

Flavia tells us about her experience with the multifaceted program. "This program was a journey that I could shape myself." She chose to participate in modules that were in line with her interest, so she would create a program that was just right for her. All while gaining new experiences and meeting many inspiring people. She had the chance to work on different social projects which gave her an opportunity to develop and challenge herself. "I had to invest in myself, be it working on my strengths and weaknesses, building my network or gaining inspiration for my future career plans." This way Outreaching has amplified her motivation to make a difference. "As a student, you are given the opportunity to step up with your ideas and to make your voice heard; so I took it!"

Her advice for future Outreaching students? "Be authentic, open-minded, and show who you are. Be enthusiastic about an opportunity to develop and challenge yourself and to meaningfully have an impact on society!"


“I gained several opportunities to be a part of a much bigger picture in giving back to society” – Zainab


According to Zainab, the Outreaching program brought her a pool of new perspective and triggered her to develop valuable skills. Moreover, she experienced her teachers to be excellent trainers: “they guided me very well into playing a responsible role in future society.” During her time in the Outreaching program, she particularly researched the impact of gender discrimination in the university environment. Because of this, she had the occasion to reflect on what she could contribute to society. And about the experience in general, she tells us: “I can only say good things about my experience as an honors student – so much so that I will be staying for another year!”

What she wants to tell future Outreaching students? “If you are a strong team player and leader who can communicate effectively, and are interested in social entrepreneurship, I strongly encourage you to apply. Make sure to stat these skills in you motivation letter!”


Do you also want to join the Outreaching program?

You can still apply until June 15.