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Hybrid examinations in semester 1 of the academic year 2020–2021

Published: 05th October 2020 Last updated: 05th October 2020

In order to facilitate students as much as possible during their studies and thus prevent or limit study delays where possible, we have decided to switch to a system of hybrid examinations for at least the first semester of the academic year 2020–2021. What does this mean?

Hybrid examinations

In practice, the system of hybrid examinations means that the starting point is that examinations are offered on campus as much as possible. If for specific reasons, it is not possible for students to come to the campus, regulations are formulated so that they can take their exams online and, therefore, do not have to incur a delay in their studies.

When an examination is scheduled on campus, the student is generally expected to take the examination on campus, in the presence of a proctor.

An exception applies to students in the following categories:

  • Students abroad as a result of travel restrictions related to COVID-19;
  • Students who belong to the at-risk groups for COVID-19 and, therefore, cannot come to the campus;
  • Students who have persons within their households who belong to the at-risk groups for COVID-19 and, therefore, cannot come to campus;
  • Students who are not allowed to come to campus because they are in self-quarantine because they themselves or persons from their households have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms that may indicate COVID-19.

If the above applies to you, please check the page with regulations regarding exams to see what you need to do.  

Online examinations

Tilburg University considers it important that in all cases the 1.5 meter distance is maintained. Therefore it may not be possible to schedule an examination on campus due to restrictions in hall capacity. In that case, the entire examination will be administered online.

Visit the webpage with regulations regarding exams for an overview of the regulations. The most recent information about Tilburg University and Corona can be found on the page Tilburg University & corona.