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Instruction Session DataCamp (& Program your robot)

Date: Time: 12:45 Location: L 104

At October 16 an introduction session is held for DataCamp. During this session we will help you to get started with DataCamp, determine your current level of programming and look at what you want to learn from programming. Also any questions regarding programming can be asked during this session, this is really to help you out on any point of programming.

Besides helping you getting started, we offer you the unique possibility to program your own robot. During this session, we will have a robot from Lego Mindstorms to our disposal with a wide range of different sensors. To program this robot you do not need to have any prior programming knowledge and it fun and intuitive way to learn how to control a small robot. However behind the fun aspect you are actually learning the very intuitive idea of how to program anything. You learn how to give commandos to a machine and the endless opportunities that you can create. This is a fun and practical way to put your mind to work!

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