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International Fair: Feeling at home in student associations

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Foyer Academia

Tilburg University wants that international students get to play a more active role in the associations as well as in other extra-curricular activities. Student associations can help you to get the most out of your student life! At the International Fair, you will get to know different associations and learn what they have to offer for you as an international student.

Student Participation Association Front hosts an International Fair with all associations that undertake extra steps for (international) students, for example:

  • Learn about the Buddy System, where they match internationals to Dutch students to help them to get more integrated and feel more at home in Tilburg.
  • Meet the International Officer of several associations, who is the contact person of other international students to the board.
  • Be part of the International Intergration Committee. The focus of this committee lays on the integration of international students.
  • Get to know some of our sport associations. They show you that internationals also are welcome to join.

Joining a student association gave me the great opportunity to broaden your understanding and learn several useful work skills while enjoying your student life.


The following associations are present: 

1. Study associations

  • Magister JFT (Study association Law)
  • Smeetskring (Study association Tax Law)
  • Asset  IB&M (Study association International Business & Management)
  • Complex (Study association Psychology)
  • INPUT (Study association Human Resources Management)
  • Flow (Study association Communication- and Information Sciences)

2. Student associations

  • AIESEC (Activate your leadership by going on an experience with AIESEC)
  • I*ESN (I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association that organizes activities for all foreign and Dutch internationally minded students)

3. Sports associations

4. Other associations

  • Integrand (association in supporting internships)
  • Aegee Tilburg (Association for international projects)
  • Enactus (social entrepreneur association)