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Isa about going on exchange

Published: 21st October 2021 Last updated: 16th January 2023

Even as a child, our Law student Isa knew that one day she would live in Spain. She is currently on exchange in Madrid and has fond memories of the vacations she spent in Spain when she was younger. “I love the country, its friendly and helpful people, and the wonderful language. These experiences have shaped my entire conception of living abroad. And what better way to test it than by going on exchange for four months?”


And so far, she is well pleased: “It is everything I had imagined it to be. I live in the city center of Madrid, I cook dinner with my flatmates, I visit other cities with people I have only known for two weeks, and I enjoy delicious tapas in adorable restaurants. And the nice thing is the default option of joining activities others have planned. Inviting yourself is part of the exchange experience.”

Academically, too, Isa is on a roll. “I deliberately opted for courses that are not on offer in Tilburg. Back home I mainly take courses on Dutch law, but here I mostly study international law. A great supplement to my program.” What is different is the approach to studying, Isa explains: “The Comillas Pontifical University is a private institution: the building looks like a school and the lecture rooms are proper classrooms. That may sound traditional and basic, but it is anything but. The academic level is similar to that in the Netherlands.”

Isa met vriendinnen

For students who hesitate about going on such an adventure Isa has this advice: “Just go! Despite the challenge of getting everything organized – especially in a pandemic – the Study Abroad Office ensured I knew what to expect and could set off for Madrid with confidence. I would really recommend going on exchange to everyone!”

The first registration deadline is Thursday, November 4.

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Disclaimer: exchanges in the academic year 2022/23 will be organized as the COVID-19 situation at the time allows.