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Think before you click!

Be aware, stay safe online

One of our most important responsibilities is keeping Tilburg University’s data safe and secure. We implement and maintain measures to effectively address potential weaknesses and breaches in our systems. Tilburg University believes that information security is everyone’s responsibility and students, faculty and staff needs to be aware of their role in preventing and reducing cyber threats.

Security Awareness Week

The goal of Tilburg University Awareness Week is to increase awareness about cyber security issues. By being aware of what you share online you can already protect yourself. During this week you will be informed about privacy and security, what threats you might face and how you can protect your personal data with a few simple actions.

The Awareness Week took place from October 7 up to and including October 11 2019.

On-campus IT security tips

Never react to phishing e-mails asking for usernames and passwords
Create strong passwords and change them regularly
Lock your computer if you leave it, even for a moment
Report suspicious cyber activity to our university’s CERT team
Stick to the rules for computer use

IT security at home or en route

Install anti-virus software
Install software updates
Create strong passwords and change them frequently
Only make connections with trusted WiFi networks
Do not open messages and files that you do not trust
Only install apps from official app stores
Check the URLs of websites
Close pop-ups in your browser with Alt+F4
Who do you want to share information with on the internet?
Use caution

How alert are you?

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